Thesis position at Local Probes and Sources Department (ANR scholarship)

Title : “Microfluidic approaches to solution crystallization.”


The main objective of this thesis is to determine the effect of experimental parameters (supersaturation, temperature, crystallization medium and solution viscosity) on the habit, morphology and crystal nucleation and growth kinetics. The results obtained will be part of the data that will be used to develop a numerical model capable of predicting  growth forms.

The thesis will take place at CINaM in the “Local Probes and Sources” department, which has developed original and unique experimental techniques to study nucleation and growth in solution. The course will take place on the microfluidic crystallization platform[1, 2] which allows the simultaneous generation and observation of hundreds of drops which are independent crystallizers of the hundred nL and allow the study of a large number of experimental conditions. Crystallization experiments at low supersaturation will be carried out at the Neel Institute in order to complete/validate the results obtained with the microfluidic crystallization platform.

In this context, the experimental setup will be used to acquire nucleation times, crystal growth kinetics and habit and morphologies. The data will be compared with experimental results obtained in crystallizers of several liters at the Neel Institute (Grenoble).

For more information:

Stéphane Veesler

Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS, CINaM UMR 7325, 13288 Marseille, France;




  1. Zhang, S., et al., Microfluidic platform for optimization of crystallization conditions. Journal of Crystal Growth, 2017. 472: p. 18-28.
  2. Peybernès, G., et al., Microfluidics set-up rapidly measures solubility directly from powder. Organic Process Research & Development, 2018. 22: p. 1856-1860.