January 2021 – creation of the AMUTECH Institute

The AMUtech institute, created in January 2021, is based on the synergy of the nine Mixed Research Units (UMR AMU-CNRS) of physics and chemistry of Aix Marseille University, as well as 5 faculties and 3 doctoral schools. Its ambition is to lead and coordinate the site’s strengths in materials sciences and nanotechnologies. The main theme of AMUtech, coupling research and teaching, is the study of the properties of matter at the nanometric scale to develop new materials at the meso- and macroscopic scales. The main tools will be the development of collaborations between laboratories, the reinforcement of the training-research link, the assistance to the development of shared platforms and the reinforcement of the attractiveness and the socio-economic development of the site by encouraging the development of links with industrial companies