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minéralogie, biominéralogie, croissance cristalline, silicates, microstructures, MET


Influence of crystal structure defects on the small-angle neutron scattering/diffraction patterns of clay-rich porous media

E. Ferrage, F. Hubert, A. Baronnet, O. Grauby, E. Tertre, A. Delville, I. Bihannic, D. Prêt, L.J. Michot, P. Levitz

Journal of Applied Crystallography 51 5 1311-1322 (2018)

The crystal-chemical control of the elastic properties of 2:1 phyllosilicates minerals

J. Berthonneau, C.G. Hoover, O. Grauby, A. Baronnet, R.J.-M. Pellenq, F. Ulm

Applied Clay Science 143 387-398 (2017)

Clinopyroxene in postshield Haleakala ankaramite. 2 : Texture, compositional zoning and supersaturation in the magma - DOI 10.1007/s00410-015-1213-9

B. Welsch, J. Hammer, A. Baronnet, S. Jacob, E. Hellebrand, J. Sinton

Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 171 1 1-19 (2016)

Oxidation of Mg atomic monolayer onto silicon : a road toward MgO/Mg2Si(11-1)/Si(100) heterostructure

B. Sarpi, N. Rochdi, R. Daineche, M. Bertoglio, C. Girardeaux, A. Baronnet, J. Perrin-toinin, M. Bocquet, M. Djafari Rouhani, A. Hemeryck, S. Vizzini

Surface Science Letters 642 L1-L5 (2015)

Native morphology of hydrated spheroidal halloysite observed by envronmental transmission electron microscopy

J. Berthonneau, O. Grauby, C. Jeannin, D. Chaudanson, E. Jousssein, A. Baronnet

Clays and Clay Minerals 63 368-377 (2015)

Morphology, microstructure, crystallography, and chemistry of distinct CaCO3 deposits formed by early recruits of the scleractinian coral Pocillopora damicornis

M. Gilis, A. Meibom, D. Alexander, O. Grauby, J. Stolarski, A. Baronnet

Journal of Morphology 276 10 1146-1156 (2015)

A soft matter in construction - Statistical physics approach for formation and mechanics of C-S-H in cement

E. Del Gado, K. Ioannidou, E. Masoero, A. Baronnet, R.J.-M. Pellenq, F.J. Ulm, S. Yip

European Physical Journal-special Topics 223 2285-2295 (2014)

Combinatorial molecular optimization of cement hydrates

M.J. Abdolhosseini Qomi, K. Krakoviac, M. Bauchy, K. Stewart, R. Shahsavari, D. Jagannathan, D. Brommer, A. Baronnet, M. Buehler, S. Yip, K. Van Vliet, F.J. Ulm, R.J.-M. Pellenq

Nature Communications 5 4960 (2014)

Biomineralization in newly settled recruits of the scleractinian coral Pocillopora damicornis

M. Gilis, I. Domart Coulon, O. Grauby, J. Stolarski, A. Baronnet

Journal of Morphology 275 1349-1365 (2014)

The triplite-triploidite supergroup: structural modulation in wagnerite, discreditation of magniotriplite, and the new mineral hydroxylwagnerite

C. Chopin, T. Armbruster, E.S. Grew, A. Baronnet, C. Leyx, O. Medenbach

European Journal of Mineralogy 26 4 553-565 (2014)

Impact of swelling clays on the spalling decay of building limestones : insights from X-ray diffraction profile modeling

J. Berthonneau, O. Grauby, E. Ferrage, J-M. Vallet, P. Bromblet, D. Dessandier, D. Chaudanson, A. Baronnet

European Journal of Mineralogy 26 643-656 (2014)

Superspace description of wagnerite-group minerals (Mg,Fe,Mn)(2)(PO4)(F,OH)

B. Lazic, T. Armbruster, C. Chopin, E.S. Grew, A. Baronnet, L. Palatinus

Acta Crystallographica Section B 70 2 243-258 (2014)

Serpentinites : What, why, where ?

B. Evans, K. Hattori, A. Baronnet

Elements 9 2 99-106 (2013)

Biomineralization in living hypercalcified demosponges: Toward a shared mechanism?

M. Gilis, O. Grauby, P. Willenz, P. Dubois, V. Heresanu, A. Baronnet

Journal of Structural Biology 183 3 441-454 (2013)

Growth and Dissolution of Crystal under Load: New Experimental Results on KCl

J. Desarnaud, O. Grauby, P. Bromblet, J.M. Vallet, A. Baronnet

Crystal Growth and Design 13 3 1067-1074 (2013)

Dendritic Crystallization: A Single Process for all the Textures of Olivine in Basalts?

B. Welsch, F. Faure, V. Famin, A. Baronnet, P. Bachelery

Journal of Petrology 54 3 539-574 (2013)

Crystallization in organo-mineral micro-domains in crossed-lamellar layer of Neretina undata (Gastropoda, Neritopsina)

J. Nouet, A. Baronnet, L. Howard

Micron 43 456-462 (2012)

Biologically controlled mineralization in the hypercalcified sponge Petrobiona massiliana (Calcarea, Calcaronea)

M. Gillis, A. Baronnet, P. Dubois, L. Legras, O. Grauby, P. Willenz

Journal of Structural Biology 178 3 279-289 (2012)

Multi-scale mineralogical characterization of the hypercalcified sponge Petrobiona massiliana (Calcarea, Calcaronea)

M. Gillis, O. Grauby, P. Willenz, P. Dubois, L. Legras, V. Heresanu, A. Baronnet

Journal of Structural Biology 176 3 315-329 (2011)

The Ca-carbonate bio crystal status in mollusk seashells revisited

A. Baronnet, O. Grauby, J. Nouet, J.P. Cuif, Y. Dauphin

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 74 12 A54 (2010)

TEM-assisted dynamic scanning force microscope imaging of (001) antigorite: Surfaces and steps on a modulated silicate

E. Palacios-lidon, O. Grauby, C. Henry, J.-P. Astier, C. Barth, A. Baronnet

American Mineralogist 95 673 (2010)

Serpentine mineral replacements of natural olivine and their seismic implications : oceanic lizardite versus subduction related antigorite

F. Boudier, A. Baronnet, D. Mainprice

Journal of Petrology 51 1-2 495-512 (2010)

Crystallization of biogenic Ca-carbonate within organo-mineral micro-domains. Structure of the calcitic prisms of the Pelecypod Pinctada Margaritifera (Mollusca) at the sub-micrometre to nanometre ranges

A. Baronnet, J.P. Cuif, Y. Dauphin, B. Farre, J. Nouet

Mineralogical Magazine 72 2 539-548 (2008)

Nano to macroscale biomineral architecture of red coral (Corallium rubrum)

D. Vielzeuf, J. Garrabou, A. Baronnet, O. Grauby, C. Marschal

American Mineralogist 93 11-12 1799-1815 (2008)

The triplite-wagnerite group : A modulated series

T. Armbruster, C. Chopin, E.S. Grew, A. Baronnet

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 72 12 A32 (2008)

Occurrence, composition and growth of polyhedral serpentine

M. Andréani, O. Grauby, A. Baronnet, M. Munoz

European Journal of Mineralogy 20 2 159-171 (2008)

Chromatic alteration of red lead pigments in artworks : a review

S. Aze, J.-M. Vallet, V. Detalle, O. Grauby, A. Baronnet

Phase Transitions 81 2-3 145-154 (2008)

Onion morphology and microstructure of polyhedral serpentine

A. Baronnet, M. Andréani, O. Grauby, B. Devouard, S. Nitsche and D. Chaudanson

American Mineralogist 92 4 687-690 (2007)

Red lead darkening in wall paintings : natural ageing of experimental wall paintings versus artificial ageing tests

S. Aze, J.M. Vallet, M. Pomey, A. Baronnet, O. Grauby

European Journal of Mineralogy 19 6 883-890 (2007)

Formation of todorokite from vernadite in Ni-rich hemipelagic sediments

S. Bodei, A. Manceau, N. Geoffroy, A. Baronnet, M. Buatier

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 71 23 5698-5716 (2007)

Calcium diffusivity in alumino-silicate garnets : an experimental and ATEM study

D. Vielzeuf, A. Baronnet, A.L. Perchuk, D. Laporte, M.B. Baker

Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 154 2 153-170 (2007)

Nucleation, growth and ageing scenarios in closed systems I : a unified mathematical framework for precipitation, condensation and crystallization

C. Noguera, B. Fritz, A. Clement, A. Baronnet

Journal of Crystal Growth 297 (1) 180-186 (2006)

Nucleation, growth and ageing scenarios in closed systems II : dynamics of a new phase formation

C. Noguera, B. Fritz, A. Clement, A. Baronnet

Journal of Crystal Growth 297 (1) 187-198 (2006)

The fading of red lead pigment in wall paintings : tracking the physico-chemical transformations by means of complementary microanalysis techniques

S. Aze, J.M. Vallet, A. Baronnet, O. Grauby

European Journal of Mineralogy 18 (6) 835-843 (2006)

Atomistic calculations of structural and elastic properties of serpentine minerals: the case of lizardite.

A.-L. Auzende, R.-J.-M. Pellenq, B. Devouard, A. Baronnet, O. Grauby

Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 33 4 266-275 (2006)

Serpentinites in an Alpine convergent setting: Effects of metamorphic grade and deformation on microstructures.

A.-L. Auzende, S. Guillot, B. Devouard, A. Baronnet

European Journal of Mineralogy 18 21-33 (2006)

Uphill diffusion and zero flux planes in garnets: an experimental and ATEM study.

D. Vielzeuf, A. Lupulescu, A.L. Perchuk, D. Laporte, A. Baronnet, A. Addad

TMS Letters 2/3 89-90 (2005)

Mineralogy of Air-pollution-control residues from a secondary lead smelter : environmental implications

V. Ettler, Z. Johan, A. Baronnet, F. Jankosky, C. Gilles, M. Mihaljevic, O. Sebek, L. Strnad, P. Bezdicka

Environmental Science and Technology 39 9309-9316 (2005)

Pancreatic lithostathine as a calcite habit modifier

S. Geider, A. Baronnet, C. Cerini, S. Nitsche, J.P. Astier, R. Michel, R. Boistelle, Y. Berland, J.C. Dagorn, J.M. Verdier

Journal of Biological Chemistry 271 n°42 26302-2630 (1996)