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Blocking stemness and metastatic properties of ovarian cancer cells by targeting p70S6K with dendrimer nanovector-based siRNA delivery

J. Ma, S. Kala, S. Yung, T.M. Chan, Y. Cao, Y. Jiang, X. Liu, S. Giorgio, L. Peng, A.S.T. Wong

Molecular Therapy 26 70-83 (2018)

A dual targeting dendrimer-mediated siRNA delivery system for effective gene silencing in cancer therapy

Y. Dong, T. Yu, L. Ding, E. Laurini, Y. Huang, M. Zhang, Y. Weng, S. Lin, P. Chen, D. Marson, Y. Jiang, S. Giorgio, S. Pricl, X. Liu, P. Rocchi, L. Peng

Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 16264-16274 (2018)

Linking growth mode to lengths of single-walled carbon nanotubes

M.S. Magnin, H. Amara, H. Jiang, H.Z. Cui, F. Fossard, A. Castan, E. Kauppinen, A. Loiseau, C. Bichara

Carbon 113 231-236 (2017)

Key roles of carbon solubility in single-walled carbon nanotube nucleation and growth

M. He, H. Amara, H. Jiang, J. Hassinen, C. Bichara, R. H. A. Ras, J. Lehtonen, E. I. Kauppinen, A. Loiseau

Nanoscale 7 20284–2028 (2015)

Shape separation of gold nanoparticles using a pH-responsive amphiphilic dendrimer according to their shape anisotropy distinction

M. Hao, C. Liu, L. Peng, J. Li, W. Lu, L. Jiang

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 437 311-315 (2015)