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Time resolved alkali silicate decondensation by sodium hydroxide solution

Romain Dupuis, Donatien Gomes Rodrigues, Jean-Baptiste Champenois, Roland Pellenq, Arnaud Poulesquen

Journal of Physics: Materials (2020)10.1088/2515-7639/ab5ce9

Morphology control of metallic nanoparticles supported on carbon substrates in catalytic conditions

Yann Magnin, Emmanuel Villermaux, Hakim Amara, Christophe Bichara, Roland Pellenq

Carbon (2020)

Electrolyte-gated-organic field effect transistors functionalized by lipid monolayers with tunable pH sensitivity for sensor applications

Tin Phan Nguy, Ryoma Hayakawa, Volkan Kilinc, Matthieu Petit, S Yemineni, Masayoshi Higuchi, Jean-Manuel Raimundo, Anne Charrier, Yutaka Wakayama

Applied Physics Express 13:011005 (2020)10.7567/1882-0786/ab5322

Physical properties of electrodeposited CIGS films on crystalline silicon: Application for photovoltaic hetero-junction

H. Saidi, C. Ben Alaya, M.F. Boujmil, B. Durand, J.L. Lazzari, M. Bouaïcha

Current Applied Physics 20:29-36 (2020)10.1016/j.cap.2019.09.015

A microfluidic method generating monodispersed microparticles with controllable sizes and mechanical properties

Cheng Zhang, Romain Grossier, Leda Lacaria, Felix Rico, Nadine Candoni, Stéphane Veesler

Chemical Engineering Science 211:115322 (2020)10.1016/j.ces.2019.115322