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Mini X-ray sensor for high-precision medical applications

We show that nano-optical antennas are capable of controlling the luminescence induced by the absorption of x rays into matter. The x-ray-excited luminescence from a tiny scintillation cluster coupled to a horn nano-optical antenna is highly directed and determined by the antenna’s geometrical parameters. Directionality is high enough to efficiently outcouple the x-ray-excited luminescence toa narrow single-mode optical fibre, thus enabling ultracompact fibre-integrated x-ray sensors. Our nano-optically driven approach offers the possibility of x-ray profiling and dosimetry in ultra-confined environments, opening up new avenues in the fields of x-ray imaging, as well as medical and industrial endoscopy. With this study, to the best of our knowledge, nano-optical antennas make a first key contribution to the development of x-ray sensing protocols and architectures.

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communiqué de presse CNRS de mars 2017

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