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Nom : Grauby
Prenom : Olivier
Tel : +33(0)6 62 92 28 21
Fax : +33(0)4 91 41 89 16
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Publications récentes

Dynamics of suspended sediments during a dry season and their consequence on metal transportation in a coral reef lagoon impacted by mining activities

J.M. Fernandez, J.D. Meunier, S. Ouillon, B. Moreton, P. Douillet, O. Grauby

Water 9 338 (2017)

Effect of phytoliths for mitigating water stress in durum wheat

J.D. Meunier, D. Bardoni, M. Anwar-ul-haq, C. Levard, P. Chaurand, V. Vidal, O. Grauby, R. Huc, I. Laffont–schwob, J. Rabier, C. Keller

New Phytologist 215 229-239 (2017)

A chameleonic dye adapts to various environments shining on macrocycles or, peptide and polysaccharide aggregates

H. Yin, F. Dumur, Y. Niu, R. Wang, M. Ayhan, O. Grauby, W. Liu, C. Wang, D. Siri, R. Rosas, A. Tonetto, D. Gigmes, D. Bardelang, O. Ouari

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9 33220–33228 (2017)

The crystal-chemical control of the elastic properties of 2:1 phyllosilicates minerals

J. Berthonneau, C.G. Hoover, O. Grauby, A. Baronnet, R.J.-M. Pellenq, F. Ulm

Applied Clay Science 143 387-398 (2017)

N-Substituted Azacalixphyrins: Synthesis, Properties, and Self-Assembly

Z. Chen, R. Haddoub, J. Mahé, G. Marchand, D. Jacquemin, J. Andeme Edzang, G. Canard, D. Ferry, O. Grauby, A. Ranguis, O. Siri

Chemistry - A European Journal 22 17820-1783 (2016)

Evolution of organo-clay composites with respect to thermal maturity in type II organic-rich source rocks

J. Berthonneau, O. Grauby, M. Abuhaikal, R. J.-M. Pellenq, F. J. Ulm, H. Van Damme

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 195 68-83 (2016)


cristallogenèse, minéraux argileux, serpentines, synthèses minérales, microscopies électroniques