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Nom : Masson
Prenom : Laurence
Tel : +33(0)6 09 89 16 14
Fax : +33(0)4 91 82 91 76
E-mail :


Research topics



* Bottom-up nanostructuration of metallic and semiconducting substrates
* Growth of ultrathin layers (metallic, semiconducting, alkali-halide)
* Self-organized atomic and molecular nanostructures : growth mechanisms and characterization of intrinsic properties (structural, magnetic, electronic).


* Preparation of nanopatterned surfaces and nanostructures in Ultra-High-Vacuum
* Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) for structural and electronic characterization at the nanometric scale


42 publications

Research experience

Current position

Aix-Marseille Université (AMU)
CINaM UMR 7325

Current responsabilities

* In charge of the research department Nanomatériaux at CINaM * In charge of the Master Nanosciences et Nanotechnologies ; UFR Sciences-Aix-Marseille Université * Member of the council of the Physics Department ; UFR Sciences-Aix-Marseille Université


2007 : Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches in Materials Science - Université de la Méditerranée
Semiconductors at interfaces : from growth to nanostructured surfaces
1994 : Ph.D. in Solid State Physics - Université d'Orsay - Laboratory : C.E.A. Saclay
Morphology and mobility of steps on a metallic surface : Cu(1,1,11). Influence of sulfur adsorption.
1991: D.E.A. in Solid State Physics and Magistère de Physique - Université d'Orsay.

Recent publications

Si nanoribbons on Ag(110) studied by grazing incidence x-ray diffraction, scanning tunneling microscopy, and density functional theory: evidence of a pentamer chain structure

G. Prevot, C. Hogan, T. Leoni, R. Bernard, E. Moyen, L. Masson

Physical Review Letters 117 276102 (2016)

Formation of silicene on silver: Strong interaction between Ag and Si

G. Prevot, R. Bernard, H. Cruguel, A. Curcella, M. Lazzeri, T. Leoni, L. Masson, A. Ranguis, Y. Borenszstein

Physica Status solidi (b) 253 2 206-217 (2016)

Magnetic properties of self-organized Co dimer nanolines on Si/Ag(110)

L. Michez, K. Chen, F. Cheynis, F. Leroy, A. Ranguis, H. Jamgotchian, M. Hanbücken, L. Masson

Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 6 777-784 (2015)

KCl ultra-thin films with polar and non-polar surfaces grown on Si(111)7 × 7

I. Beinik, C. Barth, M. Hanbücken, L. Masson

Scientific Reports 5 8223 (2015)

Si Ultrathin Films on Silver Surfaces: An Intriguing Epitaxial System

T. Leoni, R. Bernard, A. Ranguis, Y. Borensztein, G. Prévot, L. Masson

ECS Transactions 64 89 (2014)

Large differences in the optical properties of a single layer of Si on Ag(110) compared to silicene

Y. Borensztein, G. Prevot, L. Masson

Physical Review B 89 54 245410 (2014)


Surfaces – Interfaces – Bottom-up nanostructuration– Self-organized growth - Near field microscopy