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Publications de 2018 (31)

A Chemical Library to Screen Protein and Protein–Ligand Crystallization Using a Versatile Microfluidic Platform

C.J.J. Gerard, G. Ferry, L.M. Vuillard, J.A. Boutin, N. Ferte, R. Grossier, N. Candoni, S. Veesler

Crystal Growth and Design 18 5130 (2018)

A dual targeting dendrimer-mediated siRNA delivery system for effective gene silencing in cancer therapy

Y. Dong, T. Yu, L. Ding, E. Laurini, Y. Huang, M. Zhang, Y. Weng, S. Lin, P. Chen, D. Marson, Y. Jiang, S. Giorgio, S. Pricl, X. Liu, P. Rocchi, L. Peng

Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 16264-16274 (2018)

A parameter to probe microdroplet dynamics and crystal nucleation

R. Grossier, V. Tishkova, R. Morin, S. Veesler

AIP advances 8 075324 (2018)

A scanning probe microscopy study of nanostructured TiO2/poly(3-hexylthiophene) hybrid heterojunctions for photovoltaic applications

L. Letertre, R. Roche, O. Douheret, H.G. Kassa, D. Mariolle, N. Chevalier, L. Borowik, P. Dumas, B. Grevin, R. Lazzaroni, P. Leclere

Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 9 2087 (2018)

A self-assembling supramolecular dendrimer nanosystem for PET imaging of tumors

P. Garrigue, J. Tang, L. Ding, A. Bouhlel, A. Tintaru, E. Laurini, Y. Huang, Z. Lyu, M. Zhang, S. Fernandez, L. Balasse, W. Lan, E. Mas, D. Marson, Y. Weng, X. Liu, S. Giorgio, J. Iovanna, S. Pricl, B. Guillet, L. Peng

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 11454-11459 (2018)

Blocking stemness and metastatic properties of ovarian cancer cells by targeting p70S6K with dendrimer nanovector-based siRNA delivery

J. Ma, S. Kala, S. Yung, T.M. Chan, Y. Cao, Y. Jiang, X. Liu, S. Giorgio, L. Peng, A.S.T. Wong

Molecular Therapy 26 70-83 (2018)

Carbon Precursor Structures and Graphene on Palladium Nanoparticles

C. Barth

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 522-529 (2018)

Carbon/nitrogen metabolic balance: lessons from cyanobacteria

C.-C. Zhang, C.-Z. Zhou, R. Burnap, L. Peng

Trends in Plant Science 23 1116-1130 (2018)

Chemical composition and molecular scale structure of nanominerals formed by precipitation of biotite weathering products

W.Z. Tamrat, J. Rose, O. Grauby, E. Doelsch, C. Levard, P. Chaurand, I. Basile-doelsch

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 229 53-64 (2018)

Condition of excitation and sensitivity of diffractively-coupled surface lattice resonances over plasmonic nanoparticle arrays in ATR geometry

A. Danilov, G. Tselikov, F. Wu, V.G. Kravets, I. Ozerov, F. Bedu, A.N. Grigorenko, A.V. Kabashin

Proceedings of SPIE. Bellingham: The International Society for Optical Engineering 10521 1052109 (2018)

Dendrimer-based magnetic resonance imaging agents for brain cancer

L. Ding, Z. Lyu, D. Dhumal, C.-L. Kao, M. Bernard, L. Peng

Science China Materials 61 1420–1443 (2018)

E2F signature is predictive for the pancreatic adenocarcinoma clinical outcome and sensitivity to E2F inhibitors, but not for the response to cytotoxic-based treatments

W. Lan, B. Bian, Y. Xia, S. Dou, O. Gayet, M. Bigonnet, P. Santofimia-castano, M. Cong, L. Peng, N. Dusetti, J. Iovanna

Scientific Reports 8 8330 (2018)

Enhancement of physical properties of stain-etched porous silicon by integration of WO3 nanoparticles

M. Alaya, R. Benabderrahmane Zaghouani, S. Khamlich, J.-L. Lazzari, W. Dimassi

Thin Solid Films 645 51-56 (2018)

Enhancing or inhibiting spontaneous emission from fluorescent molecules in the near-field of silicon nanoantennas

D. Bouchet, M. Mivelle, J. Proust, B. Gallas, I. Ozerov, M.F. Garcia-parajo, Y. De Wilde, N. Bonod, V. Krachmalnicoff, S. Bidault

Proceedings of SPIE. Bellingham: The International Society for Optical Engineering 10540 105401A (2018)

Estimating single molecule conductance from spontaneous evolution of a molecular contact

M. Gil, T. Malinowski, M. Iazykov, H.R. Klein

Journal of Applied Physics 123 104303 (2018)

Facile Nanopatterning of PEDOT:PSS Thin Films

M. Elmahmoudy, A.M. Charrier, G.G. Malliaras, S. Sanaur

Advanced Materials Technologies 3 1700344 (2018)

Filling nanopipettes with apertures smaller than 50 nm: dynamic microdistillation

E. Salancon, B. Tinland

Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 9 2181 (2018)

Formation of clay minerals on Mars: insights from long-term experimental weathering of olivine

A. Gaudin, E. Dehouck, O. Grauby, N. Mangold

Icarus 311 210-223 (2018)

Formation of cyanide compounds during preparation of gold surfaces evidenced by surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy

A. Merlen, C. Pardanaud, S. Coussan, C. Panagiotopoulos, O. Grauby, C.M. Ruiz

Journal of Raman Spectroscopy (2018)

High spatial resolution detection of low-energy electrons using an event-counting method, application to point projection microscopy

E. Salancon, A. Degiovanni, L. Lapena, R. Morin

Review of Scientific Instruments 89 043301 (2018)

Hyperfine fields and anisotropy of the orbital moment in epitaxial Mn5Ge3 films studied by 55Mn NMR

R. Kalvig, E. Jedryka, M. Wojcik, G. Allodi, R. De Renzi, M. Petit, L. Michez

Physical Review B 97 174428 (2018)

Influence of crystal structure defects on the small-angle neutron scattering/diffraction patterns of clay-rich porous media

E. Ferrage, F. Hubert, A. Baronnet, O. Grauby, E. Tertre, A. Delville, I. Bihannic, D. Prêt, L.J. Michot, P. Levitz

Journal of Applied Crystallography 51 5 1311-1322 (2018)

Mesoscale structure, mechanics, and transport properties of source rocks’ organic pore networks

J. Berthonneau, A. Obliger, P.-L. Valdenaire, O. Grauby, D. Ferry, D. Chaudanson, P. Levitz, J.J. Kim, F.J. Ulm, R.J.-M. Pellenq

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 49 12365-12370 (2018)

Nanometrology of Biomass for Bioenergy: The Role of Atomic Force Microscopy and Spectroscopy in Plant Cell Characterization

A.M. Charrier, A.L. Lereu, R. Farahi, B. Davison, A. Passian

Frontiers in Energy Research 6 11 (2018)

Negative Dendritic Effect on Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Dendrimer Conjugates

Z. Zhou, M. Cong, M. Li, A. Tintaru, J. Li, J. Yao, Y. Xia, L. Peng

Chemical Communications / Chem Commun (Cambridge) 54 5956-5959 (2018)

Strong Nonlinear Optical Response in the Visible Spectral Range with Epsilon‐Near‐Zero Organic Thin Films

Y.U. Lee, E. Garoni, H. Kita, K. Kamada, B.H. Woo, Y.C. Jun, S.M. Chae, H.J. Kim, K.J. Lee, S. Yoon, E. Choi, F. Mathevet, I. Ozerov, J.C. Ribierre, J.W. Wu, A. D’aléo

Advanced Optical Materials 6 1701400 (2018)

Study of the TiC 1-x – TiO2 reactive interface

F. Réjasse, G. Trolliard, J. Léchelle, O. Rapaud, P. Carles, O. Grauby, H. Khodja

Acta Materialia 146 225-236 (2018)

Thermal activation parameters of plastic flow reveal deformation mechanisms in the CrMnFeCoNi high-entropy alloy

G. Laplanche, J. Bonneville, C. Varvenne, W.A. Curtin, E.P. George

Acta Materialia 143 257-264 (2018)

Ultra-narrow surface lattice resonances in plasmonic metamaterial arrays for biosensing applications

A. Danilov, G. Tselikov, F. Wu, V.K. Kravets, I. Ozerov, F. Bedu, A.N. Grigorenko, A.V. Kabashin

Biosensors and Bioelectronics 104 102-112 (2018)

Ultrathin Supported Lipid Monolayer with Unprecedented Mechanical and Dielectric Properties

A. Kenaan, R. El Zein, V. Kilinc, S. Lamant, J.‐M. Raimundo, A.M. Charrier

Advanced Functional Materials 1801024 (2018)

Water adsorption by a sensitive calibrated gold plasmonic nanosensor

B. Demirdjian, F. Bedu, A. Ranguis, I. Ozerov, C.R. Henry

Langmuir 34 5381-5385 (2018)