Département PIV

Sénescence – Mécanique du noyau

Responsable : E. Helfer


Physics of cellular senescence
Principal investigator: E. Helfer
PhD Student: C. Jebane

Cellular senescence (aging) is a normal process defined as the progressive decline of all cellular functions ending with cell cycle arrest. In particular conditions, senescence can occur prematurely and induce premature aging, such as in the most severe case of Progeria. We study the process of premature aging specifically associated with alterations of the lamina, a component of the nuclear envelope (NE) which ensures the mechanical stability and rigidity of the nucleus. Using microfluidic devices we investigate the effects of lamina mutations on mechanical and rheological properties of nuclei and cells, and how they modify the mechanotransductive response of cells to mechanical stimuli.





AMIDEX Interdisciplinaire 2018-2020