Une offre de thèse et de post-doctorat sont proposées par le groupe du Dr Ling Peng

We welcome motivated PhD and post-doc candidates to join our group and participate in different European and national/international projects. Our research group is working actively in conception, synthesis and evaluation of functional dendrimers for biomedical applications.1-3 In particular, we are elaborating self-assembling amphiphilic dendrimers to form modular and adaptive supramolecular nanosystems for on-demand delivery of chemo- and bio-therapeutics as well as imaging agents for treating cancers and brain diseases using gene therapy and immunotherapy under the frame of several European and national/international projects.

PhD and post-doc candidates who have strong motivation, team-work spirit and solid background in either chemistry or biomedical research, will work in and benefit from a highly collaborative and stimulating environment with chemists, physicists, biologists and clinicians from national and international academic research institutes, hospitals and industrial companies.

Interested candidates are encouraging to submit the application document comprising a motivation letter, a CV with a list of publications, two reference letters (and transcripts of Master and Bachelor degree for PhD candidates) in a single pdf file by email to:

Dr. Alain MAGGIANI (alain.maggiani@univ-amu.fr)

Dr. Ling PENG (ling.peng@univ-amu.fr)

References :

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