CINAM and education

CINAM and education

CINaM is involved in a wide range of scientific education, including programs for schoolchildren and the general public, as well as all stages of university education within Aix-Marseille University up to doctoral level.

Alongside a strong involvement in the physics and chemistry bachelor programs of UFR Sciences, CINaM has developed a significant presence in the fields of Biomedical Engineering and Materials science for the training of engineers in Polytech Marseille and the IUT.

At the postgraduate level, CINaM runs masters courses through the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, and Chemistry. The laboratory hosts the ED352 (Physics and Matter Sciences) and ED250 (Chemical Sciences) doctoral schools, with at least thirty PhDs graduating from CINaM teams every year.

In addition, through its significant involvement in competitiveness clusters (Capénergies, SCS), the laboratory contributes to knowledge transfer and tailors training to regional needs.

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