Interdisciplinary Center of Nanoscience of Marseille

Nanoscience brings together a wide range of research on systems having one or more dimension that is approximately one billionth of a meter (a nanometer). At the nanoscale, material properties can change substantially from those prevalent at the macroscale.

An infrastructure
and advanced technologies

Research conducted at CINaM is necessarily multi-scale in order to investigate phenomena ranging from  extremely fast optical excitations of nanoscale atomic clusters to the atomic processes driving extremely slow structural transformations of mesoscale man made or natural materials. CINaM is known for research on the design, development and study of nano-objects or nano-structured materials and surfaces, as well as the study of phenomena confined to the nanoscale.

An exceptional research environment

CINaM is located on the Luminy campus in the heart of the  Calanques national park. A central building of raw concrete hosts most of our physicists and some notable experimental facilities, in particular those concerning electron microscopy, microscopy and near-field growth.  A second building houses, on four levels, most of our chemists in premises completely renovated in 2018 and benefiting from fully equipped chemistry laboratories . Finally, a third building hosts the technological platform for micro and nanofabrication for the centre (PLANETE).