Yirui Zhang


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Carbon/nitrogen metabolic balance: lessons from cyanobacteria

C.-C. Zhang, C.-Z. Zhou, R. Burnap, L. Peng

Trends in Plant Science 23 1116-1130 (2018)

A dual targeting dendrimer-mediated siRNA delivery system for effective gene silencing in cancer therapy

Y. Dong, T. Yu, L. Ding, E. Laurini, Y. Huang, M. Zhang, Y. Weng, S. Lin, P. Chen, D. Marson, Y. Jiang, S. Giorgio, S. Pricl, X. Liu, P. Rocchi, L. Peng

Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 16264-16274 (2018)

A self-assembling supramolecular dendrimer nanosystem for PET imaging of tumors

P. Garrigue, J. Tang, L. Ding, A. Bouhlel, A. Tintaru, E. Laurini, Y. Huang, Z. Lyu, M. Zhang, S. Fernandez, L. Balasse, W. Lan, E. Mas, D. Marson, Y. Weng, X. Liu, S. Giorgio, J. Iovanna, S. Pricl, B. Guillet, L. Peng

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 11454-11459 (2018)

Microfluidic platform for optimization of crystallization conditions

S. Zhang, C.J.J. Gerard, A. Ikni, G. Ferry, L.M. Vuillard, J.A. Boutin, N. Ferte, R. Grossier, N. Candoni, S. Veesler

Journal of Crystal Growth 472 18-28 (2017)

Stability of a compound sessile drop at the axisymmetric configuration

Y. Zhang, D. Chatain, S.L. Anna, S. Garoff

Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 462 88-99 (2016)

Versatile Microfluidic Approach to Crystallization

S. Zhang, N. Ferté, N. Candoni, S. Veesler

Organic Process Research and development 19 12 1837-1841 (2015)

Prediction of sizes and frequencies of nanoliter-sized droplets in cylindrical T-junction microfluidics

S. Zhang, C. Guivier Curien, S. Veesler, N. Candoni

Chemical Engineering and Science 138 128-139 (2015)

Aging mechanisms in amorphous phase-change materials

J.Y. Raty, W. Zhang, J. Luckas, C. Chen, R. Mazzarello, C. Bichara, M. Wuttig

Nature Communications 6 7467 (2015)

Molecular self-assembly and clustering in nucleation processes: general discussion

S. Price, S. Veesler, H. Pan, K. Lewtas, M. Smets, B. Rimez, A. Myerson, C. Hughes, A. Hare, F. Zhang, H. Meekes, M. Mazzotti, I. Rosbottom, D. Khamar, J. Van Den Ende, L. Fabian, S. Black, F. Taulelle, M. Gich, P. Vekilov, D. Toroz, C.A. Bertran, J. Sefc

Faraday Discussions 179 155-197 (2015)

A ‘click’ chemistry constructed affinity system for 2-oxoglutaric acid receptors and binding proteins

Y. Wang, Z. Assaf, X. Liu, F. Ziarelli, A. Latifi, O. Lamrabet, G. Quélever, F. Qu, C-C. Zhang, L. Peng

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry / Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 12 6470-6475 (2014)

Mimicking 2-oxoglutaric acid signaling function using molecular probes: insights from structural and functional investigations

Y. Wang, X. Liu, E. Laurini, P. Posocco, F. Ziarelli, M. Fermeglia, F. Qu, S. Procl, C-C. Zhang, L. Peng

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry / Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 12 4723-4729 (2014)

Toward n-channel organic thin film transistors based on a distyryl-bithiophene derivatives

Y. Didane, R.P. Ortiz, J. Zhang, K. Aosawa, T. Tanisawa, H. Aboubakr, F. Fages, J. Ackermann, N. Yoshimoto, H. Brisset, C. Videlot-ackermann

Tetrahedron 68 24 4664-4671 (2012)

HR-MAS NMR to investigate protein-ligand binding events in mass-limited samples

F. Ziarelli, L. Peng, C-C. Zhang, S. Viel

Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 59 13-17 (2012)

Systemic administration of dendrimer-siRNA complexes efficiently suppresses HIV-1 infection

J. Zhou, P. Neff, X. Liu, J. Zhang, H. Li, D.D. Smith, P. Swiderski, Y. Huang, Q. Du, Z. Liang, L. Peng, R. Akkina, J. Rossi

Molecular Therapy 19 2228-2238 (2011)

2-Difluoromethylene-4-methylenepentanoic Acid, A Paradoxical Probe Able To Mimic the Signaling Role of 2-Oxoglutaric Acid in Cyanobacteria

X.J. Liu, H. Chen, E. Laurini, Y. Wang, V. Dal Col, P. Posocco, F. Ziarelli, M. Fermeglia, C.C. Zhang, S. Pricl, L. Peng

Organic Letters 13 11 2924-2927 (2011)

Cationic Nucleoside Lipids Derived from Universal Bases: A Rational Approach for siRNA Transfection

C. Ceballos, S. Khiati, C.A.H. Prata, X-X. Zhang, S. Giorgio, P. Marsal, M.W. Grinstaff, P. Barthélémy, M. Camplo

Bioconjugate Chemistry 21 1062-1069 (2010)

Influence of Phenyl Perfluorination on Charge Transport Properties of Distyryl-Oligothiophenes in Organic Field-Effect Transistors

C. Videlot-ackermann, H. Brisset, J. Zhang, J. Ackermann, S. Nenon, F. Fages, P. Marsal, T. Tanisawa, N. Yoshimoto

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 4 1567-1574 (2009)

P-type and n-type quaterthiophene based semiconductors for thin film transistors operating in air?

C. Videlot-ackermann, J. Zhang, J. Ackermann, H. Brisset, Y. Didane, P. Raynal, A. El Kassmi, F. Fages

Current Applied Physics 9 26-33 (2009)

Effect of end-substitutions of distyryl-oligothiophenes by hexyl chains on environmental stability in organic thin film transistors

C. Videlot-ackermann, H. Brisset, J. Ackermann, J. Zhang, P. Raynal, F. Fages, G.H. Mehl, T. Tnanisawa, N. Yoshimoto

Organic Electronics 9 5 591-601. (2008)

Importance of Size to Charge Ratio in Construction of Stable and Uniform Nanoscale RNA/dendrimer Complexes

X-C. Shen, J. Zhou, X. Liu, J. Wu, F. Qu, Z-L. Zhang, D.W. Pang, G. Quélever, C.X. Zhang, L. Peng

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry / Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 5 3674-3681 (2007)

Investigation on the Signaling Role of 2-Oxoglutaric Acid, a Krebs Cycle Intermediate

H. Chen, S. Laurent, S.B. Du Fabio Ziarelli, H. Chen, Y. Cheng, C-C. Zhang, L. Peng

Chemical Biology 13 849-856 (2006)

Cooperative Binding and Self-Assembling Behavior of Cationic Low-Molecular-Weight Dendrons with RNA Molecules

J. Zhou, J. Wu, X. Liu, F. Qu, M. Xiao, Y. Zhang, L. Charles, C.-C. Zhang, L. Peng

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry / Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry 4 581-585 (2006)

Heterocyst Differentiation and Pattern Formation in Cyanobacteria: a Chorus of Signals

C-C. Zhang, S. Laurent, S. Sakr, L. Peng, S. Bedu

Molecular Microbiology 59 2 367-375 (2006)