Pamela Camilos









I'm interested in software development and multi-scale modeling in the field of materials sciences, with a current focus on high-entropy alloys.


I'm currently studying the thermodynamic stability and constructing the phase diagram of high-entropy alloy nanoparticles (starting from ternary alloys and going up to quinary alloys). The study relies on Monte Carlo simulations (canonical and semi-grand canonical ensembles) and semi-empirical interatomic potentials. My work falls within an ANR project which combines experimental and theoretical researchers with the aim to study the stability and the mechanical properties of CoNiPtCuAg nanoparticles.


I obtained my BS (in physics), my M1 (in physics) and my M2 (in nanosciences and functional materials) degrees from the Lebanese University (Lebanon). During my masters I did two internships where I studied the structure and magnetization of metallic oxides using ab-initio methods (VASP,ASW): CoFe2O4, before and after doping with C, and NdFe2O4, before and after doping with Ni and Co.

In November 2022 I completed a 3 year PhD at CEA-Saclay within the SRMP lab (France). During my PhD, I worked on developing a general atomic-scale model of diffusion in concentrated alloys using statistical physics tools. My work consisted on extending the KineCluE code from dilute alloys to concentrated alloys (python). I also studied interdiffusion in nanometric Fe/Cr multilayers by combining atomic kinetic Monte Carlo simulations (fortran95) and X-ray diffraction simulations (python).

I'm currently a postdoctoral researcher at CINaM within the TSN department, with my contract ending in November 2024.