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surface and structure dynamics; low energy electron microscopy


Wetting, surface and interface properties.


Study of surface and interface effects in metal-ceramic systems. As a model system, we are currently studying Cu crystals on sapphire(Al2O3) substrates with different orientations. A Cu layer is deposited in ultra high vacuum on the substrates. Annealing the sample in a reducing atmosphere at the Cu melting temperature (TmCu) breaks the layer in droplets. Decreasing the temperature the droplets solidify. On further annealing below TmCu the system Cu solid-sapphire should reach the equilibrium. After quenching we study the shape of the Cu crystals and of the substrates by SEM and AFM. In order to investigate the interface Cu-sapphire we plan to cut by Focus Ion Beam a thin selected portion of the samples and to analyze it by TEM.


from October 2009 CNRS researcher 2007-2009 Postdoc 09/02/2007 PhD in Chemical Sciences 16/09/2003 Master degree in Materials Science



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