Séminaires CINaM

Lundi 04 juillet 2022 à 11h30

CINaM - Salle Raymond Kern

Dr. Jérome Wenger

Institut Fresnel, Marseille

Improving single molecule fluorescence detection using zero-mode waveguide metal nanoapertures

Zero-mode waveguides (ZMW) are nanoapertures milled in opaque metal films with diameters in the 50-200 nm range. Thanks to their strong light confinement, ZMWs have been reported to enable single molecule detection in concentrated solutions of several micromolars with enhanced fluorescence brightness. In this talk, I will briefly review some recent applications of ZMWs to enhance fluorescence detection, and I will focus more specifically on the new developments in the ultraviolet (UV) range. Working in the UV range is appealing to take advantage of the tryptophan fluorescence naturally present in proteins and rule out all the issues related external fluorescence labelling. In the UV, ZMWs can be used to monitor the autofluorescence of single label-free proteins with increased brightness, microsecond transit times and operation at micromolar concentrations.
Séminaire interne: Anass Khodr, IMMF 

TitreDevelopment and caractérisation of NFAs (Non fullerene acceptors) based organic solar cells for indoor applications.


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