Séminaires CINaM

lundi 23 mai 2022 à 11H30

CINaM - Salle Raymond Kern

Dr. Guillaume Baffou

Institut Fresnel

Quantitative phase microscopy: applications in nanomaterial characterization, temperature microscopy and bioimaging

The ability to map the phase of a light beam is not only of fundamental interest. The development of many quantitative phase microscopy (QPM) techniques this last decade is at the basis of an active research community, with practical applications mainly oriented toward bio-microscopy. At the Institut Fresnel, we use a singular QPM based on the simple association of a 2D diffraction grating (aka cross-grating) associated with a regular camera, separated by a millimetric distance. This association creates an interferogram that can be processed in real time to retrieve not only the intensity of the light beam, but also its phase. When implemented in a microscopy, this cross-grating phase microscopy (CGM) enables the quantitative, high-resolution observation and characterization of micro- and nano-objects. In this presentation, I will present our last advances using CGM in three research lines: (1) in biomicroscopy for the imaging of bacteria and neurones and the measurement of their individual biomass, (2) in nanophotonics for the measurements of the optical properties of nanoparticles, 2D materials and metasurfaces, and (3) as a temperature microscopy technique, to study temperature-induced effects at the microscale in physics, hydrothermal chemistry and biology at the microscale.
Séminaire interne: Paul-Gabriel Julliard, IMMF 
Titre: Synthesis of functional porphyrinoïds from meso-poly-halogeno-alkyl-dipyrromethanes

Invitation : Beniamino Sciacca - Entrée libre