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cristallogenèse,biominéraux, minéraux argileux, serpentines, synthèses minérales, microscopies électroniques



Functionalized geopolymer foams for cesium removal from liquid nuclear waste

S. Petlitckaia, Y. Barre, T. Piallat, O. Grauby, Daniel Ferry, A. Poulesquen

Journal of Cleaner Production 269 (2020)10.1016/j.jclepro.2020.122400


Yellowing of laser-cleaned artworks: Formation of residual hydrocarbon compounds after Nd:YAG laser cleaning of gypsum plates covered by lamp black

Jérémie Berthonneau, Philippe Parent, Olivier Grauby, Daniel Ferry, Carine Laffon, Alain Colombini, Blandine Courtois, Philippe Bromblet

Journal of Cultural Heritage 39:57-65 (2019)10.1016/j.culher.2019.02.014

Fougerite: the not so simple progenitor of the first cells

Simon Duval, Frauke Baymann, Barbara Schoepp-Cothenet, Fabienne Trolard, Guilhem Bourrie, Olivier Grauby, Elbert Branscomb, Michael Russell, Wolfgang Nitschke

Interface Focus 9:20190063 (2019)10.1098/rsfs.2019.0063

Un ustensile à fond perforé et dépôt carbonaté dans un contexte domestique du Bronze final sur le Parc Logistique de l'Aube : la question d'un usage de la chaux

Marion Saurel, Monnier Alexandre, Vincent Riquier, O. Grauby

Bulletin de l'Association pour la promotion des recherches sur l'Âge de bronze 17:59-67 (2019)

Soil organo-mineral associations formed by co-precipitation of Fe, Si and Al in presence of organic ligands

Wuhib Zewde Tamrat, Jérôme Rose, Olivier Grauby, Emmanuel Doelsch, Clément Levard, Perrine Chaurand, Isabelle Basile-Doelsch

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 260:15-28 (2019)10.1016/j.gca.2019.05.043


Flow supercritical synthesis of brucite and magnesian T-O, T-O-T phyllosilicates : an opportunity to tune the structure with the solvent composition

Marie Claverie, François Martin, Christel Carême, Christophe Le Roux, Pierre Micoud, Olivier Grauby, Cyril Aymonier

Clay Minerals 53:497-503 (2018)10.1180/clm.2018.36

Influence of crystal structure defects on the small-angle neutron scattering/diffraction patterns of clay-rich porous media

Eric Ferrage, Fabien Hubert, Alain Baronnet, Olivier Grauby, Emmanuel Tertre, Alfred Delville, Isabelle Bihannic, Dimitri Prêt, Laurent Michot, Pierre Levitz

Journal of Applied Crystallography 51:1311-1322 (2018)10.1107/S160057671801052X

Goethite, a tailor-made host for the critical metal scandium: The FexSc(1-x)OOH solid solution

C. Levard, D. Borschneck, O. Grauby, Jérôme Rose, J-P Ambrosi

Geochemical Perspectives Letters 9:16-20 (2018)10.7185/geochemlet.1832

Study of the TiC{1-x} – TiO2 reactive interface

F. Réjasse, G. Trolliard, J. Léchelle, O. Rapaud, O. Grauby, H. Khodja, Pierre Carles

Acta Materialia 146:225-236 (2018)10.1016/j.actamat.2017.12.055

Composition and molecular scale structure of nanophases formed by precipitation of biotite weathering products

Wuhib Zewde Tamrat, Jérôme Rose, Olivier Grauby, Emmanuel Doelsch, Clément Levard, Perrine Chaurand, Isabelle Basile-Doelsch

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 229:53-64 (2018)

Composition and molecular scale structure of nanophases formed by precipitation of biotite weathering products

Wuhib Tamrat, Jérôme Rose, Olivier Grauby, Emmanuel Doelsch, Clement Levard, Perrine Chaurand, Isabelle Basile Doelsch

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 229:53-64 (2018)10.1016/j.gca.2018.03.012


Crystal-chemistry control of the mechanical properties of 2:1 clay minerals

Jérémie Berthonneau, Christian G. Hoover, O. Grauby, Alain Baronnet, Roland J.-M. Pellenq, Franz-Josef Ulm

Applied Clay Science 143:387-398 (2017)10.1016/J.clay.2017.04.010

Dynamics of Suspended Sediments during a Dry Season and Their Consequences on Metal Transportation in a Coral Reef Lagoon Impacted by Mining Activities, New Caledonia

Jean-Michel Fernandez, Jean-Dominique Meunier, Sylvain Ouillon, Benjamin Moreton, Pascal Douillet, Olivier Grauby

Water 9:338 (2017)10.3390/w9050338

Effect of phytoliths for mitigating water stress in durum wheat

Jean-Dominique Meunier, Doris Barboni, Muhammad Anwar-Ul-Haq, Clement Levard, Perrine Chaurand, Vladimir Vidal, Olivier Grauby, Roland Huc, Isabelle Laffont-Schwob, Jacques Rabier, Catherine Keller

New Phytologist 215:229-239 (2017)10.1111/nph.14554

Post-depositional evolution over a time scale of 1 million years of eastern Mediterranean organic-rich and organic-poor sediments: new insights on the debromination and layer-silicate markers

Anne Murat, Daniel Beaufort, Benoît Hebert, François Baudin, Stefano Bernasconi, Emmanuelle Ducassou, Céline Lelievre, Emmanuel Poizot, Maximilien Mathian, Olivier Grauby

Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France 188:21 (2017)10.1051/bsgf/2017183

Chameleonic Dye Adapts to Various Environments Shining on Macrocycles or Peptide and Polysaccharide Aggregates

Hang Yin, Frédéric Dumur, Yiming Niu, Mehmet M. Ayhan, O. Grauby, Wei Liu, Chunming Wang, Didier Siri, Roselyne Rosas, Alain Tonetto, Didier Gigmes, Ruibing Wang, David Bardelang, Olivier Ouari

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9:33220-33228 (2017)10.1021/acsami.7b06634


Evolution of organo-clay composites with respect to thermal maturity in type II organic-rich source rocks

Jérémie Berthonneau, O. Grauby, Muhannad Abuhaikal, Roland J.-M. Pellenq, Franz J. Ulm, Henri van Damme

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 195:68-83 (2016)10.1016/j.gca.2016.09.008

The spalling decay of building bioclastic limestones of Provence (South East of France): From clay minerals swelling to hydric dilation

Jérémie Berthonneau, Philippe Bromblet, Fabien Cherblanc, Eric Ferrage, Jean-Marc Vallet, Olivier Grauby

Journal of Cultural Heritage 17:53-60 (2016)10.1016/j.culher.2015.05.004

N-Substituted Azacalixphyrins: Synthesis, Properties, and Self-Assembly

Zhongrui Chen, Rose Haddoub, Jerome Mahe, Gabriel Marchand, Denis Jacquemin, Judicaelle Andeme Edzang, Gabriel Canard, Daniel Ferry, Olivier Grauby, Alain Ranguis, Olivier Siri

Chemistry - A European Journal 22:17820-17832 (2016)10.1002/chem.201602288

An alternative model for the formation of hydrous Mg/Ni layer silicates ('deweylite'/'garnierite') in faulted peridotites of New Caledonia: I. Texture and mineralogy of a paragenetic succession of silicate infillings

Emmanuel Fritsch, Farid Juillot, Gabrielle Dublet, Lionel Fonteneau, Dick Fandeur, Etienne Martin, Laurent Caner, Anne-Line Auzende, Olivier Grauby, Daniel Beaufort

European Journal of Mineralogy 28:295-311 (2016)10.1127/ejm/2015/0027-2503

Characterisation of suspended particulate matter in the Rhone River: insights into analogue selection

Danielle L. Slomberg, Patrick Ollivier, Olivier Radakovitch, Nicole Baran, Nicole Sani-Kast, Helene Miche, Daniel Borschneck, Olivier Grauby, Auguste Bruchet, Martin Scheringer, Jérôme Labille

Environmental Chemistry 13:804-815 (2016)10.1071/EN15065


Structural and chemical changes in kaolinite caused by fl ash calcination: Formation of spherical particles

M. Claverie, F. Martin, J.P. Tardy, Martin Cyr, P. de Parseval, O Grauby, O. Grauby, Cédric Leroux

Applied Clay Science 114:247-255 (2015)

Morphology, microstructure, crystallography, and chemistry of distinct CaCO3 deposits formed by early recruits of the scleractinian coral Pocillopora damicornis

M. Gilis, A. Meibom, D. Alexander, O. Grauby, J. Stolarski, A. Baronnet

Journal of Morphology 276:1146-1156 (2015)

Hydrothermal synthesis of dioctahedral smectites :The Al – Fe 3+ chemical series. Part II : Crystal-chemistry

S. Petit, A. Decarreau, W. Gates, P. Andrieux, O. Grauby

Applied Clay Science 104:96-105 (2015)

Hydrothermal synthesis of dioctahedral smectites: The Al-Fe3+ chemical series. Part II: Crystal-chemistry

S. Petit, A. Decarreau, W. Gates, P. Andrieux, O. Grauby

Applied Clay Science 104:96-105 (2015)10.1016/j.clay.2014.11.014

Single mineral particles makes an electron point source

E. Salançon, Rachid Daineche, O. Grauby, R. Morin

Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures 33:030601 (2015)10.1116/1.4916237


Weathering of olivine under CO2 atmosphere : a Martian perspective

E. Dehouck, A. Gaudin, N. Mangold, L. Lajaunie, A. Dauzère, O. Grauby, E. Le Menn

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 135:170-189 (2014)

From detrital heritage to diagenetic transformations, the message of clay minerals contained within shales of the Palaeoproterozoic Francevillian basin (Gabon)

Lauriss Ngombi-Pemba, Abderrazak El Albani, Alain Meunier, Olivier Grauby, François Gauthier-Lafaye

Precambrian Research 255:63-76 (2014)10.1016/j.precamres.2014.09.016