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Water adsorption by a sensitive calibrated gold plasmonic nanosensor

B. Demirdjian, F. Bedu, A. Ranguis, I. Ozerov, C.R. Henry

Langmuir 34 5381-5385 (2018)

CO Chemisorption on Ultrathin MgO-Supported Palladium Nanoparticles

A. Ouvrard, A. Ghalgaoui, C. Michel, C. Barth, J. Wang, S. Carrez, W. Zheng, C. R. Henry, B. Bourguignon

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 5551-5564 (2017)

Core–shell Pd–Pt nanocubes for the CO oxidation

A. De Clercq, O. Margeat, G. Sitja, C.R. Henry, S. Giorgio

Journal of Catalysis 336 33-40 (2016)

Charging C60 islands with the AFM tip

B. Hoff, C-R. Henry, C. Barth

Nanoscale 8 411-419 (2016)

Indirect Nanoplasmonic Sensing to Probe with a High Sensitivity the Interaction of Water Vapor with Soot Aerosols

B. Demirdjian, F. Bedu, A. Ranguis, I. Ozerov, A. Karapetyan, C.R. Henry

The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 6 4148-4152 (2015)

Metal nanocrystals : deforming like liquid droplets

C.R. Henry

Nature Materials 13 999-1000 (2014)

Regular arrays of Pd and PdAu clusters on ultrathin alumina films for reactivity studies

M. Marsault, G. Sitja, C.R. Henry

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 48 26458-66 (2014)

Growth of Pt-Pd Nanoparticles Studied In Situ by HRTEM in a Liquid Cell

A. De Clercq, W. Dachraoui, O. Margeat, K. Pelzer, C.R. Henry, S. Giorgio

The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 5 12 2126-2130 (2014)

Mechanisms of the Adsorption and Self-Assembly of Molecules with Polarized Functional Groups on Insulating Surfaces

B. Hoff, M. Gingras, R. Peresutti, C. R. Henry, A. S. Foster, C. Barth

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 14569-14578 (2014)

Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy in Surface Chemistry: Reactivity of Pd Nanoparticles on Highly Oriented Pirolytic Graphite

E. Palacios-lidon, C. R. Henry, C. Barth

ACS Catalysis 4 1838-1844 (2014)

Surface Segregation of Pd from TiO2-Supported AuPd Nanoalloys under CO Oxidation Conditions Observed Insitu by ETEM and DRIFTS

L. Delannoy, S. Giorgio, J.G. Mattei, C.R. Henry, N. Elkolli, C. Methivier, C. Louis

ChemCatChem 5 9 2707-2716 (2013)

Regular arrays of palladium and palladium-gold clusters supported on alumina ultrathinfilms: stability under oxygen

G. Sitja, M. Marsault, F. Leroy, S. Le Moal, C.R. Henry

International Journal of Nanotechnology 9 567-575 (2012)

Thin NaCl films on silver (001): island growth and work function

G. Cabailh, C.R. Henry, C. Barth

New Journal of Physics 14 103037 (2012)

Two-Dimensional Nanostructured Growth of Nanoclusters and Molecules on Insulating Surfaces

C. Barth, M. Gingras, A.S. Foster, A. Gulans, G. Félix, T. Hynninen, R. Peresutti, C.R. Henry

Advanced Materials 24 24 3228-3232 (2012)

CO Oxidation on Technological Pd-Al2O3 Catalysts: Oxidation State and Activity

K. Zorn, S. Giorgio, E. Halwax, C.R. Henry, H. Gronbeck, G. Rupprechter

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 4 1103-1111 (2011)

Characterization of Thin MgO Films on Ag(001) by Low-Energy Electron Diffraction and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

A. Ouvrard, J. Niebauer, A. Ghalgaoui, C. Barth, C.R. Henry, B. Bourguignon

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 16 8034-8041 (2011)

Recent Trends in Surface Characterization and Chemistry with High-Resolution Scanning Force Methods

C. Barth, A.S. Foster, C.R. Henry, A.L. Shluger

Advanced Materials 23 4 477-501 (2011)

Size-dependent selectivity and activity of silver nanoclusters in the partial oxidation of propylene to propylene oxide and acrolein: A joint experimental and theoretical study

L.M. Molina, S. Lee, K. Sell, G. Barcaro, A. Fortunelli, B. Lee, S. Seigert, R.E. Winans, J.W. Elam, M.J. Pellin, I. Barke, V. Von Oeynhausen, Y. Lei, R.J. Meyer, J.A. Alonso, A.F. Rodriguez, A. Kleibert, S. Giorgio, C.R. Henry, K.H. Weiwes-broer, S. Vajd

Catalysis today 160 1 116-130 (2011)

TEM and HRTEM Evidence for the Role of Ligands in the Formation of Shape-Controlled Platinum Nanoparticles

M.R. Axet, K. Philippot, B. Chaudret, M. Cabie, S. Giorgio, C.R. Henry

small 7 2 235-241 (2011)

Adsorption studies of trichloroethylene (TCE) on MgO(100)/Mo(100)

S. Kunz, F.F. Schweinberger, G. Kwion, J. Kiermaier, S. Lemoal, C. Henry, U. Heiz

Surface Science 604 2184 (2010)

AFM tip characterization by Kelvin probe force microscopy

C. Barth, T. Hymninen, M. Bieletzki, C.R. Henry, A.S. Foster, F. Esch, U. Heiz

New Journal of Physics 12 093024 (2010)

TEM-assisted dynamic scanning force microscope imaging of (001) antigorite: Surfaces and steps on a modulated silicate

E. Palacios-lidon, O. Grauby, C. Henry, J.-P. Astier, C. Barth, A. Baronnet

American Mineralogist 95 673 (2010)

Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of the growth of metal clusters on a regular array of defects on the surface of an insulator

G. Sitja, R.O. Unac, C.R. Henry

Surface Science 604 404 (2010)

Structural changes of nano-Pt particles during thermal ageing : support-induced effect and related impact on the catalytic performances

J.P. Dacquin, M. Cabié, C.R. Henry, C. Lancelot, C. Dujardin, S.R. Raouf, P. Granger

Journal of Catalysis 270 299-309 (2010)

Topography and work function measurements of thin MgO(001) films on Ag(001) by nc-AFM and KPFM

M. Bielezki, T. Soini, M. Pivetta, C.R. Henry, A.S. Foster, F. Esch, C. Barth, U. Heiz

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 13 3203-3209 (2010)

Direct observation of the reversible changes of the morphology of Pt nanoparticles under gas environment

M. Cabie, S. Giorgio, C.R. Henry, M.R. Axet, K. Philippot, B. Chaudret

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 5 2160-2163 (2010)

Comparative study of CO adsorption on flat, stepped and kinked Au surfaces using density functional theory

F. Mehmood, A. Kara, T.S. Rahman, C.R. Henry

Physical Review B 79 7 075422.1-075 (2009)

Expeditive Syntheses of Functionalized Pentahelicenes and NC-AFM on Ag(001)

S. Goretta, C. Tasciotti, S. Mathieu, M. Smet, W. Maes, Y.M. Chabre, W. Dehaen, R. Giasson, J.-M. Raimundo, C. Henry, C. Barth, M. Gingras

Organic Letters 11 3846-3849 (2009)

Chemical Identification of Ions in Doped NaCl by Scanning Force Microscopy

A.S. Foster, C. Barth, C. Henry

Physical Review Letters 102 256103 (2009)

NaCl(001) surfaces nanostructured by Suzuki precipitates : a scanning force microscopy study

C. Barth, C.R. Henry

New Journal of Physics 11 043003 (2009)

Kelvin probe force microscopy on MgO(001) surfaces and supported Pd nanoclusters

C. Barth, C.R. Henry

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 1 247-253 (2009)

Imaging the MgO(001) surface at atomic scale with low temperature NC-AFM

C. Barth, C.R. Henry

Pico 12 4 (2008)

Preparation of regular arrays of bimetallic clusters with independent control of size and chemical composition

M. Marsault, G. Hamm, A. Wörtz, G. Sitja, C. Barth, C.R. Henry

Faraday Discussions 138 407-420 (2008)

Dynamic observations of Au catalysts by environmental electron microscopy

S. Giorgio, M. Cabié, CR. Henry

Gold Bulletin 41 2 1 (2008)

Decomposition of methanol by Pd, Co and bimetallic Co-Pd catalysts : a combined study of well-defined systems under ambient and UHV conditions

H. Borchert, B. Jurgens, T. Nowitzki, P. Behrend, Y. Borchert, V. Zielasek, S. Giorgio, C.R. Henry, M. Baumer

Journal of Catalysis 256 1 24-36 (2008)

Imaging the real shape of nanoclusters in scanning force microscopy

O.H. Pakarinen, C. Barth, A.S. Foster, C.R. Henry

Journal of Applied Physics 103 5 054313 (2008)

Imaging Suzuki precipitates on NaCl:Mg2+(001) by scanning force microscopy

C. Barth, C.R. Henry

Physical Review Letters 100 9 096101 (2008)

Atomic-Resolution Environmental Transmission Electron Microscopy (ETEM) for Probing Gas-Solid Reactions in Heterogeneous Catalysis

PL. Gai, E.D. Boyes, S. Helveg, P L. Hansen, S. Giorgio, C. Henry

MRS Bulletin 32 1-7 (2007)

Surface double layer on (001) surfaces of alkali halide crystals : a scanning force microscopy study

C. Barth, C.R. Henry

Physical Review Letters 98 13 136804 (2007)

Cluster chemistry : size-dependent reactivity induced by reverse spill-over

M.A. Rottgen, S. Abbet, K. Judai, J.M. Antonietti, A.S. Worz, M. Arenz, C.R. Henry, U. Heiz

Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 31 9635-9639 (2007)

Pd nanoparticles with highly defined structure on MgO as model catalyst : An FTIR study of the interaction with CO, O-2, and H-2 under ambient conditions

H. Borchert, B. Jurgens, V. Zielasek, G. Rupprechter, S. Giorgio, C.R. Henry, M. Baumer

Journal of Catalysis 247 2 145-154 (2007)

Interface structure of Ni nanoparticles on MgO(100) : a combined HRTEM and molecular dynamic study

S. Sao-joao, S. Giorgio, C. Mottet, J. Goniakowski, C.R. Henry

Surface Science 600 7 L86-L90 (2006)

High resolution atomic force microscopy of gold nanoclusters on the KBr (001) surface

O.H. Pakarinen, C. Barth, A.S. Foster, R.M. Nieminen, C.R. Henry

Physical Review B 73 23 235428 (2006)

Pd-Au nanocluster arrays grown on nanostructured alumina templates

G. Hamm, C. Becker, C.R. Henry

Nanotechnology 17 1943-1947 (2006)

Surface structure of an ultrathin alumina film on Ni3Al(111) : an AFM study

G. Hamm, C. Barth, C. Becker, C.R. Henry

Physical Review Letters 97 (12) 126106 (2006)

Environmental electron microscopy (ETEM) for catalysts with a closed Ecell with carbon windows.

S. Giorgio, J. S. Sao, S. Nitsche, G. Sitja, C.R. Henry

Ultramicroscopy 106 6 503 (2006)

Imaging nanoclusters in the constant height mode of the dynamic SFM

C. Barth, O. Pakarinen, A.S. Foster, C.R. Henry

Nanotechnology 17 S128-S136 (2006)

Kelvin probe force microscopy on surfaces of UHV-cleaved ionic crystals

C. Barth, C.R. Henry

Nanotechnology 17 S155-S161 (2006)

Gold nanoclusters on alkali halide surfaces : charging and tunneling

C. Barth, C.R. Henry

Applied Physics Letters 89 252119 (2006)