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mouillage & interfaces


wetting and interfaces

* metal/oxide & metal/metal interfaces; * solid & liquid state wetting; * wetting anisotropy; * physical & chemical wetting transitions; * particles at interfaces: equilibrium shape, triple line morphology, orientation relationship


* wetting anisotropy of submicron particles *  Wetting anisotropy is related to the anisotropy of the energies of the solid surfaces and of their interfaces with liquid or solid particles only when the Young equation applies. For submicron particles, we show that wetting anisotropy is enhanced because complex interface shapes and triple line morphologies develop at high temperature for achieving capillary equilibrium. The software Wulfmaker has been developed to calculate the equilibrium shapes of small facetted particles at an interface of a crystalline solid.

* orientation relationships of submicron metallic particles on oxide * How and why two materials like a fcc metal and an oxide, very different in chemistry, structure and cohesive bonding chose to form particular hetero-interfaces? We have found that the orientation relationship of submicron Cu crystals on different orientations of sapphire show recurrent crystallographic alignments of Cu and sapphire crystal directions which depends barely on the plane of the sapphire substrate but strongly on the preparation of the Cu crystals (in the solid or liquid state). Such results may explain the catalytic and optical properties of metallic crystals prepared on oxide substrates.

* wetting and complexion transition in binary and ternary alloys * Wetting and adsorption (complexion) transitions in the Ga-Pb system have been experimentally studied and reproduced by a model based on the subregular solution approximation in conjunction with nearest neighbor interactions: (a) complete wetting prevails in Ga-Pb alloys within the domain of liquid-liquid coexistence; (b) the thickness of Pb at the surface of Ga diverges logarithmically as liquid-liquid coexistence is approached, as expected for metallic systems characterized by short-range interactions; This model has been used with success for other binary (Co-Cu and Co-Fe) and ternary alloys with a liquid stable or metastable miscibility gap. Software to calculate these energies can be downloaded for free.

* Wenzel-Cassie wetting transition between metal and micro-patterned surfaces * Wetting of liquid Pb on oxidized Si wafers regularly patterned with holes has been investigated. The advancing and receding macroscopic contact angles, measured by slowly compressing and stretching a liquid lead bridge between two identically patterned substrates, are shown to depend on the distribution of the holes in the wafers and by the continuity of the triple line. The shapes and energies of drops on substrates patterned with either holes or posts are computed using the Surface Evolver software. The sequence of stable drop configurations with increasing volume is analyzed and provides, in part, an explanation for superhygrophobic drop spreading.




Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, PhD in Physics (1983)

Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, Engineer’s Degree in Metallurgy (1979)


1997-present, CNRS Senior Reseacher, Centre Interdisciplinaire de Nanosciences de Marseille (CINaM) (former Centre de Recherche en Matière Condensée et Nanosciences, and former Centre de Recherche sur les Mécanismes de la Croissance Cristalline), Marseille

1991-1996, CNRS Researcher, Centre de Recherche sur les Mécanismes de la Croissance Cristalline, Marseille

1981-1990, CNRS Researcher, Laboratoire de Thermodynamique et Physico-Chimie Métallurgiques, Grenoble


Associate Researcher at Mines ParisTech (2016)

Lady Davis Fellowship from the TECHNION (2014)

Silver Medal of CNRS for impacting contribution in the field materials science (2010)                                 




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