Scientifique Day of Planète Nanofabrication Platform

October 11th 2022 in Raymond Kern room at CINaM.

Program :

08:30 Welcome
09:00 Igor Ozerov (CINaM) Presentation of the day’s events
09:15 Pierre Müller (CINaM) Director’s greetings
09:30 Lionel Santinacci (CINaM) AMUtech Platforms
09:50 Julien Lumeau (Fresnel) Chalcogenide materials: a tool for the fabrication of versatile optical structures
10:20 Fabien Cheynis (CINaM) Magneto-transport characterizations of GeTe(111) thin films
10:40 coffee break
11:00 David Grosso (Im2np) Direct NIL patterning of sol-gel based metal oxides
11:30 Cédric Pardanaud (PIIM) Optical characterization of modified graphene and projects for electrical measurements
14:00 Nicolas Bonod (Fresnel) Photonic nanostructures realized at Planète
14:30 Anna Capitaine (CINaM) Directed assembly of nanocubes for the fabrication of monocrystalline nanostructures
14:50 Benjamin Demirdjian (CINaM) Nanoplasmonic detection: a highly sensitive and promising probe
15:10 Anne Charrier (CINaM) Development of a chemical etching prototype
15:30 Andrei Kabashin (LP3) Development of plasmonic metamaterials for ultrasensitive biosensing
16:00 Olivier Théodoly (LAI) Microfluidics applied to cell biology
16:20 coffee break & visit of Planète