In-house open lectures are back

In order to improve a common laboratory culture, we decided in 2017 to build in-house courses  at CINaM. We have thus organised several  internal courses  (except during the covid years)  on DFT (2017), on supramolecular chemistry (2018) and on   imaging (2019).
This year, Aurélien Manchon, Andre Saùl  and Lisa Michez have kindly  agreed to organise a new lecture series on quantum magnetism and spintronics.

Program :

Introduction to Quantum Magnetism and Spintronics

Overview : In recent years, research on quantum magnetism and spin transport at Aix-Marseille University has undergone significant development, recently accelerated by the selection of the PEPR SPIN to which CINaM and IM2NP participate.

In this rapidly expanding context, this course has three objectives: (i) to introduce non-specialist students and researchers to the fundamental notions of quantum magnetism and spin electronics; (ii) by comparing the most recent results, developing an enlightened critical approach to the major questions in this field; (iii) present the activities expected on the CINaM and IM2NP sites and encourage vocations among students.

Place : On Thursdays, 10am-12pm, in room R. Kern .


March 2nd:   Spin nowadays : what’s at stake ? (A. Manchon)

March 9th:  Cancelled

March 16th:  Origin of the magnetic moment (A. Saul)

March 23th:  2D Magnetism (A. Saul)

March 30th:  Magnetic interactions from first principles (A. Saul)

April 6th: Magnetic materials under scrutiny (L. Michez)

April 13th: Spin qubit and paramagnetic resonance (S. Bertaina)

May 4th: Spin transport in metals (A. Manchon)

May 11th: Spin transfer torque and dynamics (A. Manchon)

May 25th: Spin-charge interconversion (A. Manchon)

June 2th: Antiferromagnetic spintronics (L. Michez)