Electronics and Instrumentation

Leader: Michel Dayez


The service designs and manufactures the instruments needed by the research teams and common services, performs electrical measurements for sample characterization, maintains existing devices and develops parts or all of the software used for piloting experiments.

It is open primarily to members of the laboratory, but external users may also benefit from its human and technical resources, for example in the context of European projects.

To ensure its missions, the service has an extensive range of equipment, including:

Électronique et instrumentation 1

For signals generation and measurement:
  •  Low and high voltage power supplies.
  • Signal generators.
  • Measuring and control devices (multimeters, oscilloscopes, ...).
For characterization by electrical measurements:
  •  Electrical measurements bench, 4 points in line.
  • Cryostat in closed 10K He circuit.
  • Standard I/V measurements devices.

Électronique et instrumentation

Dedicated software tools:
  •  Programming systems for micro-controllers and FPGAs.
  • Labwindows and Labview development software.
  • CAD software (Protel, DesignSpark ...).
At the manufacturing level:
  •  Tools for producing double-sided printed circuits (insolating machine, engraving machine).
  • Contact or hot air soldering and desoldering stations.
  • Reflow furnace for the realization of printed circuits using CMS technology.

Électronique et instrumentation 2

Located in each of the buildings, the antennas provide a local service for routine work, but major construction or repair requests are centralized with the service manager. For this purpose, a specific address electronique@cinam.univ-mrs.fr makes it possible to formally submit demands. The work is then divided in agreement with the different members of the service according to their availability and their specialties:

 T.Bactivelane: Analogue high voltage, Control/command Labview development, FPGA, Ultra-high vacuum related devices.

M.Dayez: Analog Low Noise, Acquisition Systems, LabWindows Development, Access Control Systems.

F.Jandard: Analogue High Voltage and Low Noise, Optical Detection and X Rays, Ultra-high vacuum related devices.

S.Lavandier: Electrical Measurements, Control/command Labview development.

The design and management of the badge access system of the laboratory is also the responsibility of the service. Users can contact the manager Michel Dayez for any related questions. The delivery of badges is the responsibility of the administration through Valérie Juvénal.

In a more punctual way, the service finally proposes the loan in limited time of some of its devices to the different teams of the laboratory and ensures a mission of formation and collaboration, by the active participation of its members within several departments.

As integral part of the CNRS Network of Electronic Technicians, the service shares its experience and knowledge with a community of almost 700 people.

Électronique et instrumentation 3