Physical Chemistry – RMN

Leader: Mélanie Comet


List of activities of the physico-chemistry service:
  • Design and implement procedures and protocols to use the devices available in the service for research teams working at CINaM.
  • Order and manage stocks of common chemical and consumables.
  • Train users on the specific equipment accessible to all (UV-visible spectroscopy, Milli-Q water dispenser, centrifuge, …).
  • Plan the use of equipment and manage the related operating budget.
  • Ensure the adaptation of instruments to the needs of applicants.
  • Define and develop sample preparations.
  • Prepare and conduct characterization experiments.
  • Process, interpret and format the experimental data.
  • Automate data acquisitions.
  • Exploit the results with the applicants.
  • Ensure the proper operation and routine maintenance of the devices.
  • Ensure the evolution of experimental techniques and train themselves to implement them.
  • Enforce hygiene and safety rules in the service.


Group leader