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Emission d'électrons et d'ions, Structure coaxiale, Structure isolant/conducteur, Nanopipettes en solution


I am a French physicist, specialized in field emission. After studying in Grenoble, I obtained my PhD at the University Paul Cézanne in Marseille in 2002 in the team of Roger Morin. In 2003, I was recruited as a lecturer at the University of Provence. I then worked in collaboration with the CEA for thermonuclear fusion, on the interactions between plasma and materials. In this context, I worked with Wolfgang Jacob at the Max Planck Institute für PlasmaPhyzik (Munich, Germany) for several months. In 2007, I joined the Centre Interdisciplinaire de Nanosciences de Marseille (France) where I work on the effect of localization in different experimental studies: metallic ultrafine tip, crystal-insulator interface or nanopipette in solution. The electric field produced at the edges of these nano-objects plays a predominant role; it allows the realization of bright sources of charged particles. These sources are currently being developed in collaboration with a local industrial company (Orsay Physics) to consider new applications in microscopy or nano-fabrication.

In teaching, I also focus on an experimental approach, notably through projects, with the development of new techniques such as smartphonics. This makes it possible to make the learner active and involved in his training.
Showing, observing, marveling at the things of nature and what surrounds us is the credo of my activities in scientific diffusion. I was convinced at a very young age that if society was not interested in science, it was primarily because it did not know about it! From the very first years, I got involved by participating in different events (fête de la science, carrefour des métiers, souk des sciences...). Since then, I have been involved in a large number of projects with the creation of structures (cellule de culture scientifique, IRES...), collectives or associations of researchers (les nanos dans la peau, éclats de lumière, ACAM) to always renew the exchanges, through exhibitions, thematic days, competitions or scientific workshops.



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