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A class of mild surfactants that keep integral membrane proteins water-soluble for functional studies and crystallization

J. Hovers, M. Potschies, A. Polidori, B. Pucci, S. Raynal, F. Bonneté, M.J. Serrano-vega, C.G. Tate, D. Picot, Y. Pierre, J-L. Popot, R. Nehmé, M. Bidet, I. Mus-veteau, H. Busskamp, K-H. Jung, A. Marx, P.A. Timmins, W. Welte

Molecular Membrane Biology 28 3 170-180 (2011)

Liquid crystal alpha,omega-hexyl-distyryl-bithiophene: morphology and charge transport properties in organic thin film transistors

Y. Didane, C. Videlot-ackermann, H. Brisset, J. Ackermann, P. Raynal, F. Fages, G.H. Mehl

Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 507 178-187 (2009)

P-type and n-type quaterthiophene based semiconductors for thin film transistors operating in air?

C. Videlot-ackermann, J. Zhang, J. Ackermann, H. Brisset, Y. Didane, P. Raynal, A. El Kassmi, F. Fages

Current Applied Physics 9 26-33 (2009)

Effect of end-substitutions of distyryl-oligothiophenes by hexyl chains on environmental stability in organic thin film transistors

C. Videlot-ackermann, H. Brisset, J. Ackermann, J. Zhang, P. Raynal, F. Fages, G.H. Mehl, T. Tnanisawa, N. Yoshimoto

Organic Electronics 9 5 591-601. (2008)

Synthesis and thin film electronic properties of two pyrene-substituted oligothiophene derivatives

F. Moggia, C. Videlot-ackermann, J. Ackermann, P. Raynal, H. Brisset, F. Fages

Journal of materials chemistry 16 2380-2386 (2006)

• Environmentally Stable Organic Thin Films Transistors: Terminal Styryl vs Central Divinyl Benzene Building Blocks for p-Type Oligothiophene Semiconductors

C. Videlot-ackermann, J. Ackermann, K. Kawamura, N. Yoshimoto, H. Brisset, P. Raynal, A. El Kassmi, F. Fages

Organic Electronics 7 465-473 (2006)