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Titre :
Physics of membrane adhesion : Role of ligand presentation

Résumé :

Membrane adhesion is a tool which the cell uses to interact with the surrounding environment.
Cells adhere either to other neighboring cells in cell-cell adhesion, or to the extracellular matrix in cell-matrix adhesion.
In this work we study different aspects of cell adhesion via experiments on living cells or model membranes, in order to understand the impact of ligand presentation, specifically, their concentration, mobility and distribution.

Supervisor : Kheya Sengupta (DR), HDR, AMU

Reporters :

Bertrand Fourcarde (PR): HDR, Grenoble

Andre Schroeder (CR): HDR, Lyon

Jury :
Laurent Limozin (DR), HDR, AMU

Veronique Rigot (MC), AMU

Laura Casanellas (MC), Montpellier