Acquisition of the Maskless Lithography – AMUtech – CINaM – PLANETE

Aix-Marseille University recently created the AMUtech institute dedicated to advanced materials and nanotechnologies.
The acquisition of a maskless lithography system was carried out with AMUtech’s funding and co-financed by CINaM.
The maskless lithography system allows the creation of freeform patterns on several types of substrate and photosensitive resists by direct writing. Thanks to its micromirror matrix and its optical system operating in the ultraviolet, the equipment allows rapid production on a micron scale as well as the precise alignment of several levels of patterns.
This equipment reinforces and completes the micro and nanofabrication resources on the PLANETE nanofabrication technology platform while expanding the teaching offer (practical work in nanotechnology). It is well suited to both research and teaching.
The equipment is installed in the clean room of the PLANETE platform on the Luminy Campus in Marseille.