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Ultrathin Supported Lipid Monolayer with Unprecedented Mechanical and Dielectric Properties

A. Kenaan, R. El Zein, V. Kilinc, S. Lamant, J.‐M. Raimundo, A.M. Charrier

Advanced Functional Materials 1801024 (2018)

Versatile synthesis of tunable N,S-bridged-[]-cyclophanes promoted by ester functions

V. Malytskyi, V.D. Da Silva, O. Siri, M. Giorgi, J.M. Raimundo

Tetrahedron 72 41 6363-6367 (2016)

An introduction to photocatalysis through methylene blue photodegradation

M. Petit, L. Michez, J-M. Raimundo, T. Malinowski, P. Dumas

European Journal of Physics 37 6 065808 (2016)

Subpicomolar Iron Sensing Platform Based on Functional Lipid Monolayer Microarrays

A. Kenaan, T.D. Nguyen, H. Dallaporta, J-M. Raimundo, A.M. Charrier

Analytical Chemistry 88 7 3804-3809 (2016)

D/A cruciform bithiophene chromophores as potential molecular scaffolds for optoelectronic applications

H. Aboubakr, C. Praveen, V. Malytskyi, R. Sawadogo, J.-M. Sotiropoulos, L. Belec, H. Brisset, J.-M. Raimundo

Tetrahedron 72 10 1381-1386 (2016)

Electrical and optical measurements of the bandgap energy of a light-emitting diode

M. Petit, L. Michez, J-M. Raimundo, P. Dumas

Physics Education 51 2 025003 (2016)

RAFT-synthesized polymers based on new ferrocenyl methacrylates and electrochemical properties

R. W. Nguema Edzang, M. Lejars, H. Brisset, J.-M. Raimundo, C. Bressy

RSC Advances 5 77019-77026 (2015)

Dibutylamino end-capped benzo[2,1-b:3,4-b']dithiophene-4,5-dione and benzo[2,1-b:3,4-b']dithiophene versus non modified analogues: contribution of amino groups

H. Aboubakr, J-M. Raimundo, H. Brisset

Tetrahedron 71 24 4079-4083 (2015)

Synthesis, self-assembly and characterization of a novel push-pull thiophene-based chromophore on gold surface

V. Malytskyi, J.-J. Simon, L. Patrone, J.-M. Raimundo

RSC Advances 5 26308-26315 (2015)

Thiophene-based push-pull chromophores for small molecule organic solar cells (SMOSCs)

V. Malytskyi, J.J. Simon, L. Patrone, J.M. Raimundo

RSC Advances 5 1 354-397 (2015)

Pd(dba)2 vs Pd2(dba)3 : An in-depth comparison of catalytic reactivity and mechanism via mixed-ligand promoted C-N and C-S coupling reactions

M. Cong, Y. Fan, J-M. Raimundo, J. Tang, L. Peng

Organic Letters 16 4074-4077 (2014)

Fused Azacalix[4]arenes

R. Haddoub, M. Touil, Z. Chen, J-M. Raimundo, P. Marsal, M. Elhabiri, O. Siri

European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2014 4 745-752 (2014)

A field effect transistor biosensor with a γ-pyrone derivative engineered lipid-sensing layer for ultrasensitive Fe3+ion detection with low pH interference

T.-D. Nguyen, A. Labed, R. El Zein, S. Lavandier, F. Bedu, I. Ozerov, H. Dallaporta, J.-M. Raimundo, A.M. Charrier

Biosensors and Bioelectronics 54 571-577 (2014)

C-S coupling using a mixed-ligand Pd catalyst: a highly effective strategy for synthesizing arylthio-substituted heterocycles

M. Cong, Y. Fan, J-L. Raimundo, Y. Xia, Y. Liu, G. Quelever, F. Qu, L. Peng

Chemistry - A European Journal 19 17267-17272 (2013)

Highly Specific and Reversible Fluoride Sensor Based on an Organic Semiconductor

H. Aboubakr, H. Brisset, O. Siri, J.M. Raimundo

Analytical Chemistry 85 20 9968-9974 (2013)

Label free femtomolar electrical detection of Fe(III) ions with a pyridinone modified lipid monolayer as the active sensing layer

T. Nguyen Duc, R. Elzein, J-M. Raimundo, H. Dallaporta, A.M. Charrier

Journal of materials chemistry 1 4 443-446 (2013)

Structure properties relationships of liquid crystal bent core organic semiconductors based on benzo[2,1-b:3,4-b ']dithiophene-4,5-dione

H. Aboubakr, M.G. Tamba, A.K. Diallo, C. Videlot-ackermann, L. Belec, O. Siri, J.M. Raimundo, G.H. Mehl, H. Brisset

Journal of materials chemistry 22 43 23159-23168 (2012)

Columnar Self-Assemblies of a 3D-Persulfurated Coronene Asterisk. The Dominant Role of Aryl-Sulfur Bonds

P. Kowalzik, S. Rathgeber, S. Karthäuser, R. Waser, N. Schnaebele, J.-M. Raimundo, M. Gingras

New Journal of Chemistry 36 477-483 (2012)

Arylthio-substituted coronenes as tailored building blocks for molecular electronics

P. Kowalzik, N. Atodiresei, M. Gingras, V. Caciuc, N. Schnaebele, J.-M. Raimundo, S. Blügel, R. Waser, S. Karthäuser

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14 5 1635-1641 (2012)

A new approach to inherent chirality through the N/S ratio and/or the position in mixed heterocalix[4]arenes

J.-M. Raimundo, Z.R. Chen, O. Siri

Chemical Communications / Chem Commun (Cambridge) 47 37 10410-10412 (2011)

Unprecedented Tunable Tetraazamacrocycles

R. Haddoub, M. Touil, J.M. Raimundo, O. Siri

Organic Letters 12 12 2722-2725 (2010)

Unprecedented N(H)-bridged tetraaza[]m,p,m,p-cyclophanes

M. Touil, J.M. Raimundo, M. Lachkar, P. Marsal, O. Siri

Tetrahedron 66 24 4377-4382 (2010)

Long range Mn segregation and intermixing during subsequent deposition of Ge capping layers on Mn5Ge3/Ge(111) heterostructures

M.-T. Dau, A. Spiesser, T. Le Giang, L.A. Michez, S.F. Olive-mendez, V. Le Thanh, M. Petit, J.-M. Raimundo, A. Glachant, J. Derrien

Thin Solid Films 518 S266 (2010)

Expeditive Syntheses of Functionalized Pentahelicenes and NC-AFM on Ag(001)

S. Goretta, C. Tasciotti, S. Mathieu, M. Smet, W. Maes, Y.M. Chabre, W. Dehaen, R. Giasson, J.-M. Raimundo, C. Henry, C. Barth, M. Gingras

Organic Letters 11 3846-3849 (2009)

Electronic, Optical, and Vibrational Properties of Bridged Dithienylethylene-Based NLO Chromophores

M.C. Ruiz Delgado, J. Casado, V. Hernandez, J.T. Lopez Navarrete, J. Orduna, B. Villacampa, R. Alicante, J.M. Raimundo, P. Blanchard, J. Roncali

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 8 3109-3120 (2008)

Glycosylated asterisks are among the most potent low valency inducers of Concanavalin A aggregation

M. Sleiman, A. Varrot, J.-M. Raimundo, M. Gingras, P.G. Goekjian

Chemical Communications / Chem Commun (Cambridge) 48 6507-6509 (2008)

Polysulfurated Pyrene-Cored Dendrimers: Luminescent and Electrochromic Properties

M. Gingras, V. Placide, J.-M. Raimundo, G. Bergamini, P. Ceroni, V. Balzani

Chemistry - A European Journal 14 10357-10363 (2008)

Cleavable Dendrimers

M. Gingras, J.-M. Raimundo, Y.M. Chabre

Angewandte Chemie/Angew Chem Int Ed 46 1010-1017 (2007)

Synthesis of Small Gold Nanoparticles: Au(I) Disproportionation Catalyzed by a Persulfurated Coronene Dendrimer

G. Bergamini, P. Ceroni, V. Balzani, M. Gingras, J.-M. Raimundo, V. Morandi, P.G. Merli

Chemical Communications / Chem Commun (Cambridge) 40 4167-4169 (2007)

Electronic properties and reactivity of short-chain oligomers of 3,4-phenylenedioxythiophene (PheDOT)

I.F. Perepichka, S. Roquet, P. Leriche, J-M. Raimundo, P. Frere, J. Roncali

Chemistry - A European Journal 12 11 2960-2966 (2006)

Persulfurated Aromatics Compounds

M. Gingras, J.-M. Raimundo, Y.M. Chabre

Angewandte Chemie International Edition 45 11 1686-1712 (2006)

Tetrabutylammonium Difluorotriphenylstannate [nBu4N] [Ph3SnF2]. Delivering Fluorine or Carbon Ligands via Hypercoordination

M. Gingras, Y.M. Chabre, J.–M. Raimundo

Synthesis 1 182-185 (2006)