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Light and pH tunable luminescence in a photochromic bisdiarylethene

F. Ortica, M. Cipolloni, A. Heynderickx, O. Siri, G. Favaro

Photochemical and Photobiological Sciences 11 785-793 (2012)

Multiswitchable Acidichromic and Photochromic Bisdiarylethene. An Experimental and Theoretical Study

M. Cipolloni, A. Heynderickx, F. Maurel, A. Perrier, D. Jacquemin, O. Siri, F. Ortica, G. Favaro

Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 46 23096-23106 (2011)

Functionalization of zinc oxide nanorods with diarylethene-based photochromic compounds

S. Remy, S.M. Shah, C. Martini, G. Poize, O. Margeat, A. Heynderickx, J. Ackermann, F. Fages

Dyes and Pigments 89 3 266-270 (2011)

Bandrowski’s base revisited : toward a unprecedended class of quinonediimines or new two-way chromophoric molecular switches

E.A. Shilova, A. Heynderickx, O. Siri

Journal of Organic Chemistry 75 6 1855-1861 (2010)

New photochromic symmetrical and unsymmetrical bis(heteroaryl)maleimides: a spectrokinetic study

M. Cipolloni, F. Ortica, A. El Yahyaoui, A. Heynderickx, C. Moustrou, G. Favaro

Chemical Physics 358 258-264 (2009)

First synthesis of the nitro-substituted 2,2-diphenyl-2H-1-benzopyrans via the ipso-nitration reaction

L. Bougdid, A. Heynderickx, S. Delbaere, C. Moustrou

Tetrahedron 63 8242-8249 (2007)

Phobehavior of diarylethenes with thiophenes as aryl groups and dithiole-2-thione and dithiole-2-one at the ethenic bond

F. Ortica, P. Smimmo, C. Zuccaccia, U. Mazzucato, G. Favaro, N. Impagnatiello, A. Heynderickx, C. Moustrou

Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 188 90-97 (2007)

Convenient synthesis of photochromic symmetrical or unsymmetrical bis(heteroaryl) maleimides via the Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reaction

EL. Yahyaoui, G. Félix, A. Heynderickx, C. Moustrou, A. Samat

Tetrahedron 63 9482 (2007)

Photoinduced processes in dipyrrolyl-perfluoro-cyclopentenes

F. Ortica, P. Smimmo, U. Mazzucato, G. Favaro, A. Heynderickx, C. Moustrou, A. Samat

Photochemistry and Photobiology 82 1326-1333 (2006)