Gilles Quelever


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Synthesis of poly(aminoester) dendrimers via 'click' chemistry in combination with the divergent and convergent strategies

P. Moreno, G. Quelever, L. Peng

Tetrahedron Letters 56 4043-4046 (2015)

Conformational sensibility of PEO-PAMAM hybrid molecules to cations adducted upon electrospray ionization – A mass spectrometry, ion mobility and molecular modeling study

A. Tintaru, C. Chendo, Q. Wang, S. Viel, G. Quelever, L. Peng, P. Posocco, S. Pricl, L. Charles

Analytica Chimica Acta 808 163-174 (2014)

C-S coupling using a mixed-ligand Pd catalyst: a highly effective strategy for synthesizing arylthio-substituted heterocycles

M. Cong, Y. Fan, J-L. Raimundo, Y. Xia, Y. Liu, G. Quelever, F. Qu, L. Peng

Chemistry - A European Journal 19 17267-17272 (2013)

Electrospray tandem mass spectrometry of poly(amino)ester dendrimers: dissociation rules and structural characterization of defective molecules

A. Tintaru, C. Chendo, V. Monnier, C. Bouillon, G. Quelever, L. Peng, L. Charles

International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 308 56-64 (2011)

Synthesis of Poly(amino)ester Dendrimers via Active Cyanomethyl Ester Intermediates

C. Bouillon, A. Tintaru, V. Monnier, L. Charles, G. Quelever, L. Peng

Journal of Organic Chemistry 75 8685–8688 (2010)

Direct Synthesis of 5-Aryltriazole Acyclonucleosides via Suzuki Coupling in Aqueous Solution

R. Zhu, F. Qu, G. Quelever, L. Peng

Tetrahedron Letters 48 2389-2393 (2007)