Surface Nanostructuring for Energy

Responsable : Lionel Santinacci


In our group, we combine electrochemical surface nanostructuring with atomic layer deposition (ALD) to fabricate efficient systems for energy storage or production.

One-dimensional nanostructures such as nanoporous anodic alumina membranes (AAM), TiO2 nanotubes (TiO2-nt) and porous Si (PSi) are grown by anodic oxidation. Depending on the electrochemical parameters a wide range of morphologies can be formed.

These nanostructured surfaces exhibit different properties and can be used for various applications (more details). ALD is known as one of the most appropriate deposition method to coat tortuous substrates. It is thus employed to functionalize these surfaces to improve or modify their properties.

Structure surface et dynamique



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Ingénierie moléculaire et matériaux fonctionnels Sources et sondes ponctuelles 2

A joint project with Dr. Mikhael Bechelany, Institut Européen des Membranes (UMR 5635 University of Montpellier - CNRS) and Dr. Jean-Manuel Decams, Annealsys SAS on Metallic nanoclusters embedded in Nitride Nanolaminates for efficient gas separation membranes (MeNiNa).

This project is funded by the ANR from 2018 to 2021.



Thin film deposition

The group uses a Fiji 200 ALD reactor (Veeco-Cambridge Nanotech) coupled to a glovebox (Mbraun, Unilab). The equipment allows performing both thermal- and plasma-ALD on 200 mm samples. The system contains 4 solid/liquid precursor sources and 5 gas lines. The chamber can operate from room temperature till 400°C and it is equipped with a quartz crystal microbalance (Inficon), a spectroscopic ellipsometer (J. A. Woollam Co, M-2000V) to monitor, in realtime, the film thickness and quadrupole mass spectrometer (Hiden, HPR30 - 200 amu). The reactor is connected to a glove box (MBraun GmbH) to manipulate the samples under a controlled atmosphere and to fill sensitive and hazardous precursors.

A second, home-made, ALD reactor has been installed in 2018. Thermal-ALD processes can be performed on 100mm diameter samples at T<250°C using 4 solid/liquid precursor lines and 3 gas lines (O2,O3 and NH3)



The team owns several potentiostats/galvanostats to perform anodic oxidation of Al, Ti and Si to grow porous Al2O3 membranes, TiO2 nanotubes and macroporous Si, respectively. They are also used to perform electrochemical deposition of various materials within these nanostructures and to carry out both DC- and AC-electrochemical characterizations. The group uses a high voltage (100V/100mA) potentiostat for both DC- and AC-electrochemical measurements (Modulab, Solartron) and a high current (100V/1A) analog potentiostat (PAR 173). In addition, an Agilent high voltage source (two-electrode configuration) is used for Al high voltage anodization. Electrochemcial characterization is also performed using a rotating disk and ring disk electrode (Ametek, RDE636).

The photoelectrochemical properties of the functionalized surfaces are probed under white light (Oriel Apex) or monochromatic (Newport Cornerstone 130) illuminations using a PC-controlled potentiostat (PAR 273, 100V/1A).

Structure surface et dynamique 1


Thermal treatments

Tube furnace (Nabertherm, RHTC 80-230/15) to perform thermal treatments under controlled atmospheres up to 1500°C.



  • University of Rennes I - CNRSCollaboration with Dr. Gabriel Loget, ISCR (UMR 6226 University of Rennes - CNRS), on black Si grown by anodic etching functionnalized by ALD of TiO2.



  • Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nüremberg

French-Bavarian collaboration with Prof. Julien Bachmann, Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, on Engineering of a photoelectrochemically active i-p interface has been started in 2014. The goal of this project is to create and characterize semiconductor junctions between thin layers of p-doped NiO and intrinsic (undoped) Sb2S3, then optimize their geometry and growth parameters in terms of performance towards photo-electrochemical transformations of water.

This project was funded by the CCUFB-BFHZ in 2014. It has been supported by the PROCOPE in 2016-17 (German Academic Exchange Service, French Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education).

  • University of Ottawa

Since mid 2012, we have established a collaboration with Prof. Elena Baranova, head of the Laboratory on Electrochemical Engineering, on the Oxidation of ethanol or formic acid on nanostructured catalysts formed by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)

This project has been funded (2012-2013) by the Fonds France Canada pour la Recherche (Franco-Canadian Research Fund)

  • University of Pisa

Collaboration with Prof. Giuseppe Barillaro, Dpt of Information Engineering, on well-ordered Si micropillars grown by anodic etching and then functionnalized by ALD of TiO2.

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