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Responsable : Philippe Parent, Co-responsable : Frédéric Leroy


Les activités de recherche du département NM couvrent un large spectre allant de la recherche fondamentale au développement de matériaux innovants. L’activité du département s’appuie sur une large expertise en méthodes de caractérisation et d’élaboration.

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Microscopies à  champ proche




Impact of washing cycles on the performances of face masks

Augustin Charvet, Nathalie Bardin-Monnier, Dominique Thomas, Olivier Dufaud, Marielle Pfrimmer, Mathieu Barrault, Soleiman Bourrous, Victor Mocho, François-Xavier Ouf, Stéphane Poirier, Laurence Jeanmichel, César Segovia, Daniel Ferry, Olivier Grauby

Journal of Aerosol Science 160:105914 (2022)10.1016/j.jaerosci.2021.105914

Allophanes, a significant soil pool of silicon for plants

Sophie S. Cornu, Jean-Dominique Meunier, Céline Ratié, Fréderic Ouedraogo, Yves Lucas, Patricia Merdy, Doris Barboni, Camille Delvigne, Daniel Borschneck, Olivier Grauby, Catherine Keller

Geoderma 412:115722 (2022)10.1016/j.geoderma.2022.115722

Polar surface of ferroelectric nanodomains in GeTe thin films

B. Croes, F. Cheynis, P. Müller, S. Curiotto, F. Leroy

Physical Review Materials 6:064407 (2022)10.1103/PhysRevMaterials.6.064407

Reflections on the effect of an external flux in surface physics

Stefano Curiotto, F. Leroy, F. Cheynis, P. Müller

Surface Science 725:122158 (2022)10.1016/j.susc.2022.122158

Solar-assisted urea oxidation at silicon photoanodes promoted by an amorphous and optically adaptive Ni-Mo-O catalytic layer

Joudi Dabboussi, Rawa Abdallah, Lionel Santinacci, Sandrine Zanna, Antoine Vacher, Vincent Dorcet, Stephanie Fryars, Didier Floner, Gabriel Loget

Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2022)10.1039/D2TA01212J

Amorphous-to-crystal transition in the layer-by-layer growth of bivalve shell prisms

Julien Duboisset, Patrick Ferrand, Arthur Baroni, Tilman Grünewald, Hamadou Dicko, Olivier Grauby, Jeremie Vidal-Dupiol, Denis Saulnier, Gilles Le Moullac, Martin Rosenthal, Manfred Burghammer, Julius Nouet, Corinne Chevallard, Alain Baronnet, Virginie Chamard

Acta Biomaterialia 142:194-207 (2022)10.1016/j.actbio.2022.01.024

Statistical behaviour of interfaces subjected to curvature flow and torque effects applied to microstructural evolutions

Sebastian Florez, Karen Alvarado, Brayan Murgas, Nathalie Bozzolo, Dominique Chatain, Carl E Krill, Mingyan Wang, Gregory S Rohrer, Marc Bernacki

Acta Materialia 222:117459 (2022)10.1016/j.actamat.2021.117459

Bio‐Inspired Adaptive Sensing through Electropolymerization of Organic Electrochemical Transistors

Mahdi Ghazal, Michel Daher Mansour, Corentin Scholaert, Thomas Dargent, Yannick Coffinier, Sébastien Pecqueur, F. Alibart

Advanced Electronic Materials 8:2100891 (2022)10.1002/aelm.202100891

Tuning the Mn5Ge3 and Mn11Ge8 thin films phase formation on Ge(111) via growth process

Mohamed-Amine Guerboukha, Matthieu Petit, Aurélie Spiesser, Alain Portavoce, Omar Abbes, Vasile Heresanu, Sylvain Bertaina, Cyril Coudreau, Lisa Michez

Thin Solid Films 761:139523 (2022)10.1016/j.tsf.2022.139523

KI and TEDA influences towards the retention of radiotoxic CH3I by activated carbons

H. Lin, M. Chebbi, C. Monsanglant-Louvet, B. Marcillaud, A. Roynette, D. Doizi, P. Parent, C. Laffon, O. Grauby, Daniel Ferry

Journal of Hazardous Materials 431:128548 (2022)10.1016/j.jhazmat.2022.128548

Unveiling the atomic position of C in Mn5Ge3Cx thin films

L.-A. Michez, M. Petit, V. Heresanu, V. Le Thanh, E. Prestat, F. d'Acapito, Q. Ramasse, F. Boscherini, P. Pochet, M. Jamet

Physical Review Materials 6:074404 (2022)10.1103/PhysRevMaterials.6.074404

Aqueous electrochemistry: The toolbox for life's emergence from redox disequilibria

Wolfgang Nitschke, Barbara Schoepp-Cothenet, Simon Duval, Kilian Zuchan, Orion Farr, Frauke Baymann, Francesco Panico, Alessandro Minguzzi, Elbert Branscomb, Michael Russell

Electrochemical Science Advances (2022)10.1002/elsa.202100192

Charge transport across Au-P3HT-Graphene Van der Waals vertical heterostructures

Jacopo Oswald, Davide Beretta, Michael Stiefel, Roman Furrer, Alessia Romio, Michel Daher Mansour, Dominique Vuillaume, Michel Calame

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14:48240-48249 (2022)

Optically active cross-band transition in double-walled carbon nanotube and its impact on Raman resonances

M. Paillet, V.N. Popov, H.N. Tran, J.-C. Blancon, D.I. Levshov, R. Arenal, R. Parret, A. Ayari, A. San Miguel, F. Vallée, N. del Fatti, A.A. Zahab, J.-L. Sauvajol

Carbon 196:950-960 (2022)10.1016/j.carbon.2022.05.044

A one-dimensional high-order commensurate phase of tilted molecules

Anthony Thomas, Thomas Leoni, Olivier Siri, Conrad Becker, Martin Unzog, Christian Kern, Peter Puschnig, Peter Zeppenfeld

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 24:9118-9122 (2022)10.1039/d2cp00437b

XPS modeling of GaN/GaAs nanostructure grown by the droplet epitaxy technique

Guy Tsamo, Guillaume Monier, Philip Hoggan, Christine Robert-Goumet, Matthieu Petit, Alain Ranguis, Luc Bideux

Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 261 (2022)10.1016/j.elspec.2022.147257

Heteroepitaxy of FCC-on-FCC Systems of Large Misfit

Paul Wynblatt, Dominique Chatain, Ulrich Dahmen

Acta Materialia (2022)10.1016/j.actamat.2021.117550

Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Anodes for Ultrastable and Site-Selective Upconversion Photoinduced Electrochemiluminescence

Yiran Zhao, Julie Descamps, Soraya Ababou-Girard, Jean-Francois Bergamini, Lionel Santinacci, Yoan Léger, Neso Sojic, Gabriel Loget

Angewandte Chemie International Edition 61:e202201865 (2022)10.1002/anie.202201865


Monocrystalline methylammonium lead halide perovskite materials for photovoltaics

Anna Capitaine, Beniamino Sciacca

Advanced Materials 2102588 (2021)10.1002/adma.202102588

An ionizable supramolecular dendrimer nanosystem for effective siRNA delivery with a favorable safety profile

Dinesh Dhumal, Wenjun Lan, Ling Ding, Yifan Jiang, Zhenbin Lyu, Erik Laurini, Domenico Marson, Aura Tintaru, Nelson Dusetti, Suzanne Giorgio, Juan Lucio Iovanna, Sabrina Pricl, Ling Peng

Nano Research (2021)10.1007/s12274-020-3216-8

Structure and hardness of in situ synthesized nano-oxide strengthened CoCrFeNi high entropy alloy thin films

Subin Lee, Dominique Chatain, Christian Liebscher, Gerhard Dehm

Scripta Materialia 203:114044 (2021)10.1016/j.scriptamat.2021.114044

On-surface chemistry using local high electric fields

Thomas Leoni, Tony Lelaidier, Anthony Thomas, Alain Ranguis, Olivier Siri, Claudio Attaccalite, Conrad Becker

Nanoscale Advances 3:5565-5569 (2021)10.1039/d1na00383f

A fast one-pot synthesize of crystalline anglesite by hydrothermal synthesis for environmental assessment on pure phase

Matthias Monneron--Gyurits, Emmanuel Joussein, Alexandra Courtin- Nomade, O. Grauby, Erwan Paineau, Solenn Reguer, Marilyne Soubrand

Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2021)10.1007/s11356-021-17011-6

Role of cations on the dissolution mechanism of kaolinite in high alkaline media

Noel Essey N'Guessan, Emmanuel Joussein, Alexandra Courtin-Nomade, Erwan Paineau, Marilyne Soubrand, Olivier Grauby, Valentin Robin, Coelho Diogo Cristina, Delphine Vantelon, Pascale Launois, Patrice Fondanèche, Sylvie Rossignol, Nathalie Texier-Mandoki, Xavier Bourbon

Applied Clay Science 205:106037 (2021)10.1016/j.clay.2021.106037

Sequestration of Proteins in Stress Granules Relies on the In-Cell but Not the In Vitro Folding Stability

Nirnay Samanta, Sara Ribeiro, Mailin Becker, Emeline Laborie, Roland Pollak, Stepan Timr, Fabio Sterpone, Simon Ebbinghaus

Journal of the American Chemical Society 143:19909-19918 (2021)10.1021/jacs.1c09589

Identification of Precious Corals (Corallium rubrum vs C. japonicum) Using LA-ICP-MS Analysis

Daniel Vielzeuf, Bruna Giordano, Jean-Luc Devidal, Angèle Ricolleau, Jonathan Perrin, Catherine Balme-Heuze, Catherine Nicole Floquet

The Journal of Gemmology 37:596-607 (2021)10.15506/JoG.2021.37.6.596


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