Annie Viallat


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biological physics –Fluid and elasticity in cells - Membranes – cell rheology



Current Research Area : Active Matter - Biofluid Physics – Fluid and elasticity in living systems


Soft micro-shells, artificial capsules, liposomes, encapsulation.

Red blood cells dynamics in flow: Lift force – Cell Biomechanics –Sedimentation – fluid structure interaction

Blood cell Dynamics in the microvasculature: Microfluidics- red blood cells in submicron splenic slits - vasoocclusion in sickle cell anemia, blood cells adhesion and margination 

Physics of the mucociliary transport:  collective behaviour of bronchial cilia, flow patterns, coupling between ciliary activity and mucus transport




 Soft micro-shells, micro-beads, liposomes, encapsulation

                          Viscous and Gelly giant vesicles – Standards for comet assays – Artificial vacuoles for living parasites

GUV and Red blood cells dynamics in flow

                          Lift force – Cell Biomechanics –Sedimentation -

Red and White Blood Cells Dynamics in biomimicking capillary networks

                          Microfluidics – Cell Rheology – Transport in the Vasculature

Artifical vacuoles for Leishmania

Severe asthma: physicial aspects of the mucociliary transport

            Microrheology – cilia beats– application for severe asthma




Annie Viallat is engineer of Ecole Polytechnique (Paris, France). She received her PhD in Physics from the University of Grenoble (France) in 1987, working on polymer gels and NMR. After a postdoc on theory of conjugated polymers in the Materials Departments (UC Santa Barbara), she joined the Spectrométrie Physique lab (Grenoble) in 1989, studying polymer gels and heterogeneous polymer solutions. Her research moved to biological physics in 1999. From 2005 to 2015 she led a group in Marseille on the dynamics in microflows of vesicles and blood cells. Since 2016, she is the head of department ‘Physics and Engineering for Living Matter’ in CINaM (Marseille), working on active matter, microcirculation of red blood cells in disease and physics of the mucociliary clearance.




2016-  Head of department at CINaM Physics and nano/micro engineering of living systems,

2007-2014 Director of the CNRS French Consortium ‘Physics from Cell to Tissue’

2005-2015 Group leader ‘biomimetics’, Adhesion & Inflammation lab., Marseille Biophysics-Biomechanics

1999-2002 Group Leader, Laboratoire Spectrométrie Physique, Grenoble, Polymers, Giant Lipid vesicles

1989-1999 Junior Research Scientist, Laboratoire Spectrométrie Physique, Grenoble


Academic degrees

1982 Engineer Ecole Polytechnique, Paris 
1984 Engineer: Rural Eng., Water, Paris 

1984 Master in Solid State Physics, Paris 7


Awards: PhD fellowship Rhône Poulenc (1985), Postdoc fellowship UCSB, Material Department (1988), PES CNRS 2010-2013,

Grants: 2002 IPMC Grenoble, 2003 Region RhôneAlpes, 2004 CPER RhôneAlpes, 2004 PIR microfluidique, 204 AC CNRS, 2004 IT2B, 2009 ANR, 2010 PACA region, 2010 C’Nano PACA, 2011 CNRS prise de risque,  2011 CAPES-COFECUB program, 2013 ANR, 2013 AMidex*

Management-expertise: ANR (France), NSF (USA), FET program (European Commission), Comité National (CNRS), CNU, AERES





Transit Time Theory for a Droplet Passing through a Slit in Pressure-Driven Low Reynolds Number Flows

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Classification of red cell dynamics with convolutional and recurrent neural networks: a sickle cell disease case study

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Longitudinal to Transverse Metachronal Wave Transitions in an In Vitro Model of Ciliated Bronchial Epithelium

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vesicles and red blood cells in shear flow

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