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Leader: Philippe Parent, Co-leader: FRÉDÉRIC LEROY


NanoMaterials: elaboration and properties

The research activities of the NanoMaterials Department aim at developing an innovative and interdisciplinary approach for the study of nanomaterials combining studies of model systems (surfaces, thin and ultra-thin films), real systems (functionalized nanomaterials, carbonaceous aerosols, biominerals, ...) and nanomaterials with high societal issues, particularly in the fields of  energy, environment and communication (spintronics).

One of the major concerns of the  studies carried out at the department is to establish the link between the conditions of elaboration of nanomaterials and their physical and physico-chemical properties.

The department, composed of experimentalists, combines different fields of expertise in physics and physico-chemistry of materials. It relies on a technical support of 3 IT (G. Arthaud, C. Coudreau, B. Courtois).

Permanent staff ~ 30 people


The research activities of the NanoMaterials department are organized around 3 axes :
1. Ultra-thin nanomaterials

Surfaces and interfaces are at the heart of research activities of the department due to their important role during growth/synthesis of nanomaterials, in chemical reactions or functionalization of nanomaterials.

Themes studied :

  • 2D compounds with sp2 hybridization and transition metal dichalcogenides
  • Molecular assembly on substrates
  • Elementary mechanisms of out-of-equilibrium mass transfers (electromigration - thermomigration)


2. Functional nanomaterials

A large part of the department's research activities are focused on the study of systems with high societal issues in the field of energy (catalysis, photovoltaics, fuel cells) and next-generation digital tools (spintronics).

Themes studied :

  • Catalytic activity of individual or assembled nanoparticles, in UHV or liquid medium
  • 3D electrochemical nanostructuration of materials and functionalization by ALD for energy applications
  • Elaboration of thin layers of metal-semiconductor alloys for spintronics
  • Wetting and stability at solid/solid interfaces


3. Nanomaterials and environment

Beyond the economic issues related to the synthesis of innovative nanomaterials, nanomaterials are also present in their natural state as geo- or bio-minerals or nanoparticles resulting from human activity raising, in the latter case, many questions about their impact on the environment.

Themes studied :

  • Physico-chemical properties of carbonaceous aerosols related to air and sea traffic and interaction with the environment
  • Growth processes and function of biominerals




2D Manipulation of Nanoobjects by Perpendicular Electric Fields: Implications for Nanofabrication

Stefano Curiotto, F. Cheynis, Pierre Müller, Frédéric Leroy

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Quantifying the Extent of Ligand Incorporation and the Effect on Properties of TiO 2 Thin Films Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition Using an Alkoxide or an Alkylamide

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Yellowing of laser-cleaned artworks: Formation of residual hydrocarbon compounds after Nd:YAG laser cleaning of gypsum plates covered by lamp black

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Shape changes of two-dimensional atomic islands and vacancy clusters diffusing on epitaxial (1 1 1) interfaces under the impact of an external force

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Un ustensile à fond perforé et dépôt carbonaté dans un contexte domestique du Bronze final sur le Parc Logistique de l'Aube : la question d'un usage de la chaux

Marion Saurel, Monnier Alexandre, Vincent Riquier, O. Grauby

Bulletin de l'Association pour la promotion des recherches sur l'Âge de bronze 17:59-67 (2019)

Molecular Beam Study of the CO Adsorption on a Regular Array of PdAu Clusters on Alumina

Georges Sitja, Claude R Henry

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Soil organo-mineral associations formed by co-precipitation of Fe, Si and Al in presence of organic ligands

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Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 260:15-28 (2019)10.1016/j.gca.2019.05.043


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